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also Ba'ath·ist  (bä′ä-thĭst)
A member of a pan-Arab socialist political party active principally in Syria and Iraq.

[After the Ba'ath Party, from Arabic ba'ṯ, revival, from ba'ata, to send, evoke, awaken.]

Ba′ath·ism n.
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He added, "The reconciliation with Daash, Baath Party and terrorism is something absolutely unacceptable and cannot be accepted under any circumstances for obstacles to constitutional and legal field.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jafari lashed out at the Qatari officials for their interferences in his country's internal affairs, and condemned participation of members of the Iraqi Baath party of Saddam Hussein and the militants in a conference in Doha.
Iraq needs another National Party: Tariq Aziz's Baath Party ruined the country
He rose to eminence after the coup of July 17, 1968, which brought the Baath Party to power and assumed the portfolios of agriculture and interior.
Summary: Syria's Baath Party marked the 68th anniversary of its founding Monday, pledging to maintain a commitment to individual freedoms while defeating the "international conspiracy" against Syria.
Iraq's cabinet unveils sweeping reforms to a law barring members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party from public life as part of moves to placate angry rallies by the country's Sunni minority.
Deputy Chairman of Karbala Province's Council, Nuseif Jassem al-Khitaby, had stated to Aswat al-Iraq on Friday that the security forces have arrested a group of elements, belonging to Baath Party and al-Qaeda, quoting the detained persons as having confessed to be planning to carry out other "terrorist operations.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iraqi Government Spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh rejected the possibility for the return to power by Iraq's former Baath party and other terrorist groups in the country.
Iraq's Shiite parties demonstrated in Baghdad, Najaf, and Basra on Sunday, vowing to purge loyalists of Saddam Hussein's outlawed Baath party as tensions over a list of candidates banned from a March election intensified, the Beirut daily AN NAHAR and others reported Monday.
BAGHDAD -- Five years after the US-led war that toppled Saddam Hussein, hundreds of members of the executed dictator s former Baath Party are returning to public life in Iraq although some regret the end of his iron-fisted rule.
He took up his post yesterday", said a Syrian political analyst with ties to members of the ruling Baath party.
Summary: Iraq has arrested at least 240 former members of Saddam Hussein's banned Baath Party and ex-military officers over what some senior officials described as a plot to seize power after U.