Bab el Mandeb

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Bab el Man·deb

 (bäb′ ĕl män′dĕb)
A strategically important strait, 27 km (17 mi) wide, between the Arabian Peninsula and eastern Africa. It links the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden.

Bab el Mandeb

(ˈbæb ɛl ˈmændɛb)
(Placename) a strait between SW Arabia and E Africa, connecting the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden

Bab el Man•deb

(ˌbɑb ɛl ˈmɑn dɛb)
a strait between NE Africa and the SW tip of the Arabian peninsula, connecting the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. 20 mi. (32 km) wide.
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The oil industry is watching the conflict with concern as Yemen lies on shipping lanes and the narrow Bab El Mandeb passage, through which nearly 4 million barrels of oil are shipped daily to international markets.
Sheikh Talal Al Khalid Al Sabah, chief executive officer of Kuwait Oil Tankers Co (KOTC), said tankers were operating in a safe and usual manner through the Bab el Mandeb strait.
And neither can they be trusted not to hold siege to the Bab El Mandeb strait that not only connects the Red Sea with the Indian Ocean but is also a link to Suez Canal.
Prices for crude oil rose about 4 percent on Thursday over concerns that the fighting in Yemen might affect the passage of tankers through the Bab el Mandeb strait, a narrow chokepoint between Yemen and Africa that is the entrance to the Red Sea.
Yemen shares a long border with the world's top oil exporter Saudi Arabia and flanks busy shipping lanes such as those in the strategic Bab El Mandeb strait west of Aden.
The victims, according to Edwards, were reportedly buried by local residents when their bodies washed ashore near the Bab El Mandeb area off Yemen's coast.
Local residents buried their bodies which washed ashore near the Bab El Mandeb area off Yemen's coast, he said.
He confirmed that the two sides will talk on the available opportunities and work on concluding the required agreements in the field of oil production ,confirming that the cooperation will include Aden Refinery and Aden Port , as well as the understanding about ensuring the navigation in the Bab el Mandeb and developmental ,economic and service projects in the region in light of the new developments and the stable security situation.
A few days later, I read in the Guardian a report by Joe Sheffer from Aden about the smuggling of lions from Africa through Bab el Mandeb to Yemen, and the sale of lion cubs, cheetahs and other animals in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar at up to 50 thousand riyals for each cub.
He stated that, the migration of the first man from Africa had taken two routes: first through the Bab el Mandeb, and the second through the Nile Valley through the Sinai, heading to the Bekaa Valley.