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 (băb′ĭj), Charles 1791-1871.
British mathematician and inventor of an analytical machine based on principles similar to those used in modern computers.


(Biography) Charles 1792–1871, English mathematician and inventor, who built a calculating machine that anticipated the modern electronic computer


(ˈbæb ɪdʒ)

Charles, 1792–1871, English mathematician: invented the precursor of the modern computer.
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John Babbage, 74, died from asphyxia following the accident at his home at Ysgubor Tyddyn Isaf farm in Penrhyndeudraeth on May 31.
In her day some described Ada Lovelace as "The Enchantress of Numbers" and the "Princess of Parallelograms" because of her work for mathematician and philosopher Charles Babbage.
A project to construct one of the earliest mechanical computers based on sketches by its designer, Charles Babbage, has received a major boost.
Professor Ross Babbage, who served on the government's advisory panel for the 2009 Defence White Paper, believes that Australia should acquire a fleet of 12 nuclear-powered attack submarines.
Mark Babbage (37), from Cheltenham, escaped a jail term after admitting to shining a beam at the aircraft hovering above Gloucestershire on Bonfire Night.
IF THERE is one trainer who deserves a change of luck it must be Norman Babbage, who, it now emerges, contracted the hospital superbug MRSA after suffering "life-threatening" injuries when two 6ft bales of hay, each weighing a third of a ton, fell on him six weeks ago.
Babbage is the Managing Partner of Babbage CoFounder, a corporate business development, government relations and policy consulting firm in Lexington, Kentucky.
He reports directly to Nigel Babbage, head of Foreign Exchange North America.
John Babbage, 74, had been collecting wood for burning but was found under the vehicle at his home in Penrhyndeudraeth, Gwynedd.
The analytical engine was designed on paper by mathematician and engineer Charles Babbage.
Trainer Norman Babbage continues to make good progress from last month's freak accident in which he was crushed when two 6ft bales of hay, each weighing a third of a ton, fell on him.
Tricia joins as a proprietary trader reporting to Nigel Babbage, global head of proprietary trading.