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1. (Other Non-Christian Religions) a disciple of the Bab
2. (Other Non-Christian Religions) another word for Babism


(ˈbɑ bi)

n., pl. -bis.
1. Also called Bab•ism (ˈbɑ bɪz əm) a Persian religion, founded in the 19th century, now supplanted by Baha'i.
2. an adherent of Babi.
[1840–50; < Persian]
Bab′ist, Bab′ite, adj., n.
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My friend agreed to do Babi Del, but her baby was born before filming started.
On the other hand, the husband of Naseem Babi, Ghulam Ghos, his brother Ghulam Rabbani and their uncle Hashim Khan have killed the alleged lover of Naseem Babi on the spot after firing and escaped from the scan.
Babi commented, "All of us at Agilivant welcome Jim on board and look forward to the positive impact he will make on Agilivant and its customers.
ALL SET to groove in the eighties' style, Bollywood beauty Sonakshi Sinha is going to try and capture the magic of yesteryear sirens Parveen Babi and Sridevi in her item number, Thank God it's Friday , in Sajid Khan's upcoming Himmatwala .
She possibly felt some guilt, as I have been told that many Jews in Babi Yar were killed by Ukrainians.
Though little known in the West, Russian-Jewish writers Ilya Ehrenburg and Lev Ozerov wrote poems of mourning about Babi Yar immediately after the war.
Says Pasha, "Bob came to India to meet actress Parveen Babi, but ended up getting a break in the film 'Abdullah'.
On Monday, police arrested Manange's another brother Babi Gurung and two others in connection with the incident.
1926) wrote much about Babi history, bibliography, and factionalism, but translated and analyzed only a few items of his challenging literary output.
Babi Badalov escaped from Wales after his brother warned he would kill him and commit suicide for bringing shame upon the family.
NEW YORK -- In the 10 years since husband and wife Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia started their home textiles company Ankasa, the brand has become well-known for producing intricately detailed, hand-embroidered textiles that fuse fashion with home.