Babi Yar

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Ba·bi Yar

 (bä′bē yär′, bä′byē)
A ravine outside Kiev in north-central Ukraine where over 30,000 Jews were killed by German troops in 1941.
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Then, in the omniscient sections, we are distanced somewhat from the protagonist and forced to compare our objective sense of the Babi Yar massacre as a historical fact with the victim's subjective sense of it as an experienced reality lacking any logical or historical context.
Robert Taubman characterized the portrayal of sex in the novel as having "the unconvincing look of pornography" (18), while Harriett Gilbert provided the anecdotal testimony of her Jewish dentist, who perceived the book's description of the Babi Yar massacre "as a pornographic insult to those whom the Nazis butchered there" (26).
th] anniversary of the Babi Yar massacres with the participation of nearly 600 American Russian-speaking Jews and Holocaust survivors.