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n.1.A baboon.
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Last year the title went to the Canadian Eitan Amos, and in 2013 there was a tie between Elior Babian from Israel and Yishai Eisenberg of New Jersey.
Mis sandalias se babian endurecido por el barro y tenia las piernas salpicadas de lodo.
The 2010 NAJSEP participants (above photo) were, Julia Ghost, Michael Red Cloud, Jonathan Hambelton, Vance Kirton, Jefferson Swallow, Adonis Lone Elk, Babian Rodriguez, Shantelle Cruz, Belinda Brown Wolf, Preston Bagola, Lester Peneaux, Jarred Peneaux, Thomas Ridley Jr.
The security officer of the Sdot Negev Regional Council, Rafi Babian, who arrived at the scene minutes after the infiltration, said "it is a clear Palestinian interest to receive fuel; they say they want to operate their hospital.
Para la administradon de la Republica busco aquellos hombres que babian brillado por su comportamiento virtuoso y por su talante justo; bonro a las personas decentes, y desterro a los canallas sin llegar a ser exageradamente severo con ellos.
KCRW's World Festival series will present an eclectic mix of acts on six Sunday evenings starting on June 27 with "Brazil Night"--a favorite annual event this year featuring Jorge Ben Jor, Babian carnival queen Margareth Menezes, and the electronic roots sounds of Daude in her Bowl debut.
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This year's International Bible Contest for Jewish Youth in Jerusalem was unique: for the first time in over twenty years, there was a tie in the contest between Elior Babian aged 16 from Bet Shemesh, Israel and Yishai Eisenberg, aged 15 from New Jersey.
Lo cierto es que cuando el bombre moderno llego a Oriente Cercano, entre 80 y 50 mil anos antes de nuestra era, los neandertales ya se babian asentado exitosamente en esa region.
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