a.1.Like a babe; a childish; babyish.
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Currently our American students are not fulfilling the requirements for majoring in those fields," said Babish Soni, director of marketing at the event.
Dan Babish, technical manager; Steve Knox, energy manager; and, Gerald Carter, quality control lab technician/environmental assistant of RCC provided practical ideas for energy savings by asking attendees to consider the answers to the following questions (when it applies to their home or business): "What can I turn off?
Minich DM, Lerman RH, Darland G, Babish JG, Bland JS, Tripp ML.
Babish (Oliver Platt) shocks Charlie (Dule Hill) with the probable cost of hiring a fancy lawyer.
It was a supporting job, and I got stuck just doing that,'' said Babish, who recently moved to Los Angeles, of the retail business.
Influenza outbreaks occur nearly every year and cause significant excess medical costs (McBean, Babish, and Warren 1993), as well as an average of 36,000 excess deaths, mostly among the elderly (Bridges et al.
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The identity of the person who leaked secrets is finally revealed, with the terrier-like Oliver Babish (Oliver Platt) launching into a seemingly endless sequence of precisely-worded questions.
His team includes Carrie Budds, sales manager, and Loan Consultants Margaret Babish, Brad King, John Kanicki, Damien Blumstein, Debbie Jones and Stephen Hall.
No, seek some host to harbour thee: I fly Thy babish tricks, and freedom do profess.
John Babish, our founder, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board," stated Rhodes.
John Babish, Paracelsian founder, Vice President of Scientific Affairs and developer of the Assay.