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Noun1.Baby Doc - son and successor of Francois Duvalier as president of Haiti; he was overthrown by a mass uprising in 1986 (born in 1951)
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Examples from recent history include Fidel Castro of Cuba, Idi Amin of Uganda, father-and-son Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti, Manuel Noriega of Panama, and Muammar Ghadafy of Libya.
1 Charles Manson was convicted of the Tate murders 2 Idi Amin seized power in Uganda 3 Gene Hackman starred in The French Connection 4 Baby Doc succeeded Papa Doc in Haiti impossipuzzles "A new teacher, eh?
Added to this, the US supported the dictatorships of Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvalier (1957-1986) in Haiti.
In which country did Papa Doc and Baby Doc have a reign of terror?
The monstrous Haiti dictator Baby Doc Duvalier is dead following a heart attack.
FORMER Haiti dictator Baby Doc Duvalier died yesterday on the island where ruled in a 15-year reign of terror.
Since his arrival Baby Doc has been scandalously welcomed by some, seen in many of Port-au-Prince's most exclusive locations, extended honors by universities, and according to President Martelly there is little need for reconciliation.
I first visited the island in 1980, during the reign of Baby Doc, shortly after he, Jean-Claude Duvalier, married Jean-Marie Charnoine, in what has been considered an excessively expensive wedding in light of the country's economic conditions.
Baby Doc was the world's youngest head of state when, aged 19, he succeeded his late autocratic father Francois "Papa Doc" Duvalier.
Segun Human Rights Watch (HRW), entre 1991 y 1994 los tonton macoute asesinaron alrededor de 5 mil personas y miles mas fueron torturadas; la mayoria eran opositores al regimen de Jean Claude Duvalier, Baby Doc.
Haiti in its recent history has endured the dictatorships of Papa Doc and Baby Doc Duvallier.
test tube baby doc "Donor Unknown," "Rabies" (billed as Israel's "first-ever slasher horror film") and three foreign-language titles: "Flowers of Evil," "My Last Round" and "Neon Flesh.