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1. Designed to resist tampering by young children: a childproof aspirin bottle.
2. Made safe for young children, as by the removal or alteration of potential hazards: a childproof kitchen.
tr.v. child·proofed, child·proof·ing, child·proofs
To make childproof: childproof a house.


(ˈtʃaɪldpruːf) or

child proof

designed to eliminate or minimize hazards to children


or child′-proof`,

1. incapable of being opened, tampered with, or operated by a child.
2. made free of hazard for a child.
3. to make childproof.
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Verb1.childproof - make safe against children; "childproof the apartment"
proof - make resistant (to harm); "proof the materials against shrinking in the dryer"


[ˈtʃaɪldˌpruːf] ADJa prueba de niños
child-proof (door) lockcerradura f de seguridad para niños


child proof [ˈtʃaɪldpruːf] adj
childproof lock → sécurité f enfantchild psychologist npsychologue mf pour enfantschild rearing néducation f des enfants


adj a prueba de niños
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com/celebrity-news/news/how-kylie-jenner-is-preparing-her-home-for-baby/) Us Weekly , the 20-year-old cosmetics mogul has been baby-proofing her mansion while waiting for the arrival of her first born.
After three kids, we thought we had the hang of baby-proofing, but our youngest daughter is a champion climber.
Her plans apparently include a PS100k nursery from LA, round-theclock nannies, moving her mother into help, baby-proofing the house and an organic lifestyle.
8226; An extensive checklist for baby-proofing the home, including many dos and don'ts
While some of the singer's stipulations were to be expected, including baby-proofing for her 21-month-old little girl Blue Ivy, others on the list can only be described as extravagant.
Since it will be a little while before your baby becomes mobile, you can hold off on baby-proofing the house, although if you have the time and feel the urge, it's never too early to start?
And for everything else -- from assembling the crib to baby-proofing the house -- there is TaskRabbit.
She has set up a company, named after her twins, offering an in-home baby-proofing consultation service.
From educational toys and baby-proofing to setting up a bank account to build funds for their future, there are many things we do to ensure our new bundle of joy has the best possible start in life.