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a.1.Of or pertaining to, or made in, Babylon or Babylonia.
2.Pertaining to the Babylon of Revelation xiv. 8.
3.Pertaining to Rome and papal power.
The . . . injurious nickname of Babylonish.
- Gage.
4.Confused; Babel-like.
References in classic literature ?
The 'Whale' is only half through the press; for, wearied with the long delays of the printers, and disgusted with the heat and dust of the Babylonish brick-kiln of New York, I came back to the country to feel the grass, and end the book reclining on it, if I may.
Among the offerings, "My Babylonish Brain" and "Breaking the Body" make the most engaging reading.
He was protesting Catholic and Calvinist theology, which he had earlier described as "the Babylonish or corrupt phraseology of the dark ages.
However, notwithstanding the tempting possibilities galore of drawing parallels with his personal situation--liberation from the yoke of matrimony coupled with the country's liberation from the yoke of political tyranny- Irving's protagonist registers the new curriculum as "a perfect Babylonish jargon".
Keith, The Signs of the Times, as denoted by the fulfilment of historical predictions, traced down from the Babylonish captivity to the present time, 2 vols.