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 (bä′kə-lou′) or ba·ca·lhau (-kəl-you′)
Codfish, usually dried and salted.

[Spanish bacalao and Portuguese bacalhau, both from Basque bakailao, probably from alteration of Old French cabillau, from Gascon cabelh, head (in reference to the cod's large head), from Latin capitulum, diminutive of caput, head; see chapter.]


(ˌbækəˈlaʊ; ˌbækəˈlɑːəʊ)
(Cookery) dried salt cod


(ˌbɑ kəˈlaʊ, ˌbæk ə-)

codfish, esp. when dried and salted.
[1545–55; < Sp bacal(l)ao, probably < Basque bakaiļao]
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We started with Croquettes de Bacalhau, which is a popular starter in Portugal.
After a late lunch of ham croquettes, juicy octopus and stuffed bacalhau pimento peppers at a local hotel, it was back to Ibiza and on to the fantastic sprawling Las Dalias Hippy Market.
Consumer evaluation of unbranded and unlabelled food products: the case of bacalhau.
But if you happen to dip into Picante, this world is totally shut out as you are transported to the serene countryside of Portugal -- the land of bacalhau and tascas, Obrigado and OlEi.
Portuguese cooking is famed for its seafood - and bacalhau (salt cod) is served in what seems like a million different ways.
Neuner will showcase his modern, art-meets-technology approach to the Portuguese flavors that have influenced traditional Brazilian cuisine, like bacalhau.
My boyfriend's pasteis de bacalhau (salt cod fritters) brought together the best parts of a meaty, crunchy fishcake - I managed to grab a bite, and they were every bit as good as he said, crispy and full of flavour.
They include: Ana Bacalhau (Portugal); Angelique Kidjo (Benin); Anoushka Shankar (India); Bassekou Kouyate (Mali); Bebel Gilberto (Brazil); Beth Blatt (US); Brian Finnegan (Ireland); Buika (Spain); Charice (Philippines); Cherine Amr (Egypt); Debi Nova (Costa Rica); Emeline Michel (Haiti); Fahan Hassan (UK); Idan Raichel (Israel); Jane Zhang (China); Jim Diamond (UK); Keith Murrell (UK); Lance Ellington (UK);
From the early decades of the 16th century, Portuguese ships arrived in Goa laden with olives, olive oil, sardines, chouricos (sausages), butter, dry bacalhau (cod fish), wine, cheese and marmalades.
Brothers Pedro da Silva Martins and Luis Jose Martins, cousin Ana Bacalhau and her husband Jose Pedro Leitao make up Deolinda, which is now preparing to make its first-ever appearance in Turkey next week.
Meanwhile, adventurous Lucy opted for the Beignets of Bacalhau, which she exclaimed was as much fun to eat as it was to try and pronounce.