Bachelor of Arts

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Bachelor of Arts

1. (Education) a degree conferred on a person who has successfully completed his or her undergraduate studies, usually in a branch of the liberal arts or humanities
2. a person who holds this degree

Bach′elor of Arts′

1. a bachelor's degree in the liberal arts.
2. a person having this degree. Abbr.: A.B., B.A.
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Noun1.Bachelor of Arts - a bachelor's degree in arts and sciencesBachelor of Arts - a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences
bachelor's degree, baccalaureate - an academic degree conferred on someone who has successfully completed undergraduate studies
bakalář svobodných umění
B.ABAlavere grad i humanistiske fag

Bachelor of Arts

n (Univ) (degree) → laurea in lettere; (person) → laureato/a in lettere


(ˈbӕtʃələ) noun
an unmarried man. He's a confirmed bachelor (= he has no intention of ever marrying); (also adjective) a bachelor flat (= a flat suitable for one person).
Bachelor of ArtsBA.Bachelor of EducationBEd.Bachelor of EngineeringBE.Bachelor of Fine ArtsBFA.Bachelor of ScienceBSc.
References in classic literature ?
I have it by me in the LEGENDS OF THE RHINE, done into English by the wildly gifted Garnham, Bachelor of Arts.
I have a translation by Garnham, Bachelor of Arts, in the LEGENDS OF THE RHINE, but it would not answer the purpose I mentioned above, because the measure is too nobly irregular; it don't fit the tune snugly enough; in places it hangs over at the ends too far, and in other places one runs out of words before he gets to the end of a bar.
As I was telling you, President Dunster sat in Grandfather's chair in 1642, when he conferred the degree of bachelor of arts on nine young men.
She also received a Master of Arts in International Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science.
Gach, bachelor of arts in history, magna cum laude, and a bachelor of science in social studies education, cum laude; and Jessica L.
He graduated from Dickinson College with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and also received his Juris Doctor from New York Law School.
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Marcus Adeniyi Adeyemi, Tomi Kehinde Aiyegbusi, Shameem Akhtar, Harun AI-Ahsan, Khalid Mohammad AI-Hamoodah, Duane Michael Alexander, Stewart lan Alford, Jummai Ali, Mohammad Amar, Michelle Annakie, Jonathan Arul, Rabia Asghar, Alexia Aubertin, Satwinder Simran Aulak, Davie Avadyan,
He continued his studies, graduating with a bachelor of arts degree in piano performance from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.
Channon said: "I knew he'd come on for his first run, and although the dogs were barking for Bachelor Of Arts, I'm never frightened of one and I'm delighted we had a go.
Williamson, bachelor of arts; Paul David Wright, bachelor of arts.
He holds a Diploma in Ministry from Montreal Diocesan Theological College, a Master of Arts in theology from McGill University and a Bachelor of Arts in religious studies and philosophy from the University of Windsor.

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