back order

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back′ or`der

an order placed for merchandise that is temporarily out of stock.
back′-or`der, v.t., v.i.
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They truncate only the first part of the distribution, but this represents time when there are no back orders.
With the RADIO BEACON Demand Forecasting Module, we are delivering an intelligent software solution that helps our customers minimize storage and purchasing costs, prevent stock-outs and back orders and deliver highest levels of customer service.
According to Oskiera, Edmund's use of the Made2Manage system over the past year has helped the company achieve a noticeable improvement in making on-time shipments and a 40-percent reduction in back orders.
order feature to track customer orders such as back orders and
In a recent implementation, a complex parts distribution organization was able to reduce its back orders by more than 25% by implementing the Contextia platform to more closely coordinate its business processes with its suppliers.
AAMI is currently operating to fill back orders for its .
Additional back orders are to be shipped in the 4th quarter.
com will use the premium reservation method for all back orders placed into its system.
Merck said it expects to begin shipping the vaccine to fill current back orders before the end of the year.
21 million of back orders, Tongtai says its production lines will be filled till the end of the fourth quarter, with monthly sales expected to exceed US$18.
DRUGS giant Novartis could catch a cold as world governments scale back orders for its swine flu jabs.
In addition, there were back orders of nearly 1,000 units for those types.