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1. A means of conveying information as an alternate to a regular avenue of communication, especially in government and diplomacy.
2. A usually subconscious utterance or gesture made by a listener in a conversation indicating that the listener is paying attention or understands what is being said.

back′chan′nel adj. & v.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an unofficial or covert means of conveying information, originally or esp in political or diplomatic circles
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On Wednesday, besides backchannel contact with the PTI, Zardari had meetings with Maulana Fazlur Rehman and senators from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata).
Meanwhile, opposition parties were at backchannel contacts to develop strategy on Senate election.
While Dureza confirmed that there are no backchannel talks being done with the Communist Party of the Philippines - National People's Army - National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF), he welcomed the public reading that the omission of NDF as a terrorist group is an indication that there is still hope for the resumption of talks.
0, which include an IP-based backchannel, accompanied by the sophisticated monetization capabilities enabled through the Imagine-SBG collaboration, will help to boost the competitive standing and creativity of local broadcast groups, while offering viewers a highly personalized and interactive content experience.
For its part, Cadence will be exhibiting the Sigrity SystemSI with backchannel capability (Figure 4).
The government panel and the NDF in July held backchannel talks to revive the peace talks, but all efforts went to waste, following numerous clashes between the military and the NPA.
He said it might be better to raise the matter through serious backchannel talks.
There is a backchannel of communications between US and North Korean diplomats at the UN in New York, which the Trump administration has used to discuss US detainees held by Pyongyang and reportedly other, broader issues too.
When asked if there is any progress on the diplomatic backchannel, Trump said "we don't want to talk about progress, we don't want to talk about backchannels.
The word war between Duterte and Sison began after the backchannel talks between the Philippine government and the NDF were cancelled.
By leveraging social technology, boards can more easily identify these candidates and find common connections for backchannel reference checks.
au[euro]y[euro][euro]*aa [euro]*aa[euro]Naa[euro]*[euro]y[euro]*[euro][logical not] (@Forsan_UAE) June 3, 2017 The circulated emails demonstrated growing relations and backchannel cooperation between Otaiba and FDD senior counselor John Hannah, exchanging jokes and facilitating visits from think tank delegations to the UAE.