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1. A means of conveying information as an alternate to a regular avenue of communication, especially in government and diplomacy.
2. A usually subconscious utterance or gesture made by a listener in a conversation indicating that the listener is paying attention or understands what is being said.

back′chan′nel adj. & v.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) an unofficial or covert means of conveying information, originally or esp in political or diplomatic circles
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Even the backchannel route of opening a dialogue on the issue has not been exercised by the government to end the deadlock, said a Congress leader.
This is part of a pattern of unsubstantiated claims and backchannel rumor mongering engaged in by the dissident shareholders, all apparently in an effort to distract the shareholders from the successful turnaround of the Company by management and the fact that the current leadership team and Board are best prepared to continue to execute on our long-term strategy.
Sharif has turned Kashmir into a bilateral issue, and accepted Indian conditions on terrorism and backchannel diplomacy.
We particularly discourage individuals in the region who may have been sending money through some innocent charity or through various backchannel initiatives under the guise that it's for the general welfare and benefit of people who've been displaced.
It incorporates discussion of Thatcher's role, including her clashes with Charles Haughey and Garret FitzGerald, her authorization of the backchannel between MI6 and the IRA, whether there was a deal on the table that could have ended the strike in July 1981, whether the government adopted the best stance, and whether the deal was accepted by the prisoners.
That windfall may have been an American olive branch to Iran--extended via Turkey--to persuade its leaders to continue backchannel negotiations with the United States, which reportedly began as early as July 2012.
Such disruptions will derail backchannel negotiations and diplomacy to rupture the confidence of both sides in each other.
The fact that the most advanced eavesdropping operation in history finds it more effective just to demand a backchannel into private-sector Internet traffic is one sign that "signal intelligence" has grown far beyond any agency's ability to control.
D-Frame VLT[R] Drives are up to 68% smaller than previous generation drives, and are optimized to deliver reliable performance in the 125-450 HP range while exhausting 90% of the drive-generated heat outside the enclosure via the backchannel.
KABUL (PAN): The Pakistan government is in backchannel talks with Taliban in an attempt to work out a peace deal and end violence in the country, a cabinet minister was quoted as saying on Saturday.
Abdul Mawgoud Dardery, made clear for us that while the Muslim Brotherhood welcomed the AKP's support for Morsi, his party was now "open to all backchannel negotiations" to return to normalcy.
According to the report, a retired diplomat will soon be appointed to pursue the normalisation process with India through the backchannel with focus on continuation of peace talks despite any incident of unrest.