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A mechanical excavator whose bucket is attached by a hinge to a two-part arm and is drawn backward to the machine when in operation.

back′hoe′ v.


1. (Civil Engineering) a mechanical excavator with an extension consisting of a bucket on an extending arm, which can be used to scoop up earth as it is drawn back towards the machine
2. (Civil Engineering) the extending arm and bucket of this type of excavator
vb (tr)
(Civil Engineering) to dig with a backhoe



an excavating machine with a bucket attached to a hinged boom that digs by being drawn toward the machine.
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Noun1.backhoe - an excavator whose shovel bucket is attached to a hinged boom and is drawn backward to move earthbackhoe - an excavator whose shovel bucket is attached to a hinged boom and is drawn backward to move earth
power shovel, digger, excavator, shovel - a machine for excavating
scoop shovel, scoop - the shovel or bucket of a dredge or backhoe
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Today, JCB has sold a total of 600,000 backhoes, and for the past 15 years has been the world's largest backhoe manufacturer.
22, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- WoodMaxx is now offering free hydraulic thumb upgrades on all of their WM-Series backhoes.
Contract notice: No14m082ao - jr / ald / nv - rent backhoes without driver - 2015 year renewable in 2016, 2017 and 2018
The South American country''s Ministry of Agrarian Development has signed a tender for 1,000 JCB backhoes worth more than PS40m.
After the delivery of Motor Graders to Bahrain last month, Nass Commercial is now tapping into a territory of backhoes which has primarily been dominated by other manufacturers.
The patented TorqueLock system eliminates torque convertor slippage on JCB backhoes and significantly increases the on-road efficiency of the digger by reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions by up to 25%.
JCB chairman Sir Anthony Bamford said: "JCB's backhoe loader has been a British manufacturing and export success for nearly 60 years and our Union Jack backhoe is a celebration of that and the fact we've sold more than 450,000 backhoes in over 140 countries over that time.
L&T-Case, Pithampur, has nearly quadrupled its production capacity from 2,000 machines per annum to 5,500 loader backhoes and 1,500 vibratory compactors, which is expandable up to 7,500 and 2,000 units respectively.
Capable of being fixed with an arsenal of different attachments, wheel loaders and loader backhoes have earned a place of increasing prominence in the C&D industry as versatile material handling equipment.
The trade journal Stark's Truck and Off-Highway Ledger said the construction machinery maker will launch a new line of backhoes -- a type of industrial wheel tractor -- in the United States early next year.
BH65 and BH76 backhoes are also available with an optional 6-position mechanical thumb.
The new John Deere L-Series backhoes build on the performance of its K-Series predecessors to increase uptime, provide exceptional productivity and lower daily operating costs.