back road

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back′ road′

a little-used, often unpaved country road.
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On the contrary, they met always unobserved, she riding across the many-gated backroad from Berkeley to meet him halfway.
Teesside's second most popular motorcycling backroad was Low Lane (also the B1380) in Stockton which saw 163 bikes every day on average in 2014.
Backroad Lessons for Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Small Business Owners
The opening track on the most recent of her four albums to date, last year's Backroad Highways (Creative & Dreams Music Network), is a song called House Been Burnin' and the shimmering slide-guitar intro teases the listener until her smoky soul voice takes over.
THE NEW MEXICO BACKROAD leads to a high desert valley, where a mesa rises from grasslands.
Webster, 53, was jailed for 30 years last year for murdering Claire, 32, in a staged fireball car crash on an Aberdeenshire backroad in 1994.
For those who enjoy the backroad aesthetic and will be visiting North Carolina, "Touring the Western North Carolina Backroads" is an excellent pick packed with maps and black and white photographs throughout.
The foreigners, a man and a woman, were on their way to a race, but their vehicle fell in a pothole on a backroad between Gabrovo and the town of Karlovo.
Beautifully illustrated with a wealth of color and black-and-white photographs, Backroads Of Michigan: Your Guide To Michigan's Most Scenic Backroad Adventures is a guide to touring the most breathtaking and scenic natural venues to be found in the Great Lake State.
You're never far from kayaking, hiking, camping, backroad cycling, rock climbing, and, in anybody's book, totally awesome fishing.
As the ordeal of Mrs Chukwu so painfully demonstrates this is no highway to human health and happiness but a backroad that is exploring possibilities not far short of horrific.
Backroads of Michigan; your guide to Michigan's most scenic backroad adventures.