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(ˈbækˌstriːt) or


1. a street in a town remote from the main roads
2. (modifier) denoting illicit activities regarded as likely to take place in such a street: a backstreet abortion.

back′ street′

a street apart from the main or business area of a town. Cf. side street.



taking place in secrecy and often illegally: backstreet political maneuvering.


A. N the backstreets (lit) → las callejuelas; (quiet) → las calles tranquilas or apartadas del centro; (poor) → las calles de los barrios bajos
B. CPD [hotel, shop] → de barrio
backstreet abortion Naborto m clandestino
backstreet abortionist Nabortista mf clandestino/a


1. nvicolo
2. adj (shop, factory) → situato/a in un vicolo (fig) (shady) → losco/a
a backstreet cafe → un bar d'infima categoria
backstreet abortionist → praticante m/f di aborti clandestini
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In partnership with Backstreets magazine, the group is seeking to raise funds for the Community FoodBank of New Jersey, member of Feeding America, by providing fourteen photographs -- spanning over three decades of the iconic rocker's career -- for a very special charitable effort.
This project has allowed each of us to follow his lead and 'pay-it-forward,' combining a cause that is close to Bruce's heart with our love of photography; but we also want Bruce's fans and the readers of Backstreets to realize that they are the most important part of this effort.
I credit Bruce with raising my own awareness about the issue of hunger, and he's always been passionate about giving back to the community; so it's fitting that the proceeds from these photographs that mark defining moments in his career will help many families in New Jersey who are struggling to redefine their lives," said Chris Phillips, editor of Backstreets.
Backstreets magazine, called "the gold standard of minutiae mags" on the Chicago Tribune's most recent "Fifty Favorite Magazines" list, has been covering the music of Bruce Springsteen and Jersey Shore artists for nearly 30 years.
com, the online home of Backstreets magazine, you'll find regular updates with the latest Springsteen news to keep you up to date between issues -- recording activities, performances, setlists, and more.