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Compatible with earlier systems or elements of earlier systems: a new release of an operating system that is backward-compatible with earlier versions.
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The system software update preview comes just a day after Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed on Twitter that Xbox One backward compatibility for certain titles are coming this November, according to (https://gamerant.
The Adaptec 29320LPE Ultra320 SCSI HBA claims to offer seamless backward compatibility between previous-generation SCSI devices and the new PCIe host bus interface.
While the new bus maintains backward compatibility with existing PCI applications and drivers, lessening the burden on developers, the form factor of the new PCI Express slots differs from the current PCI slots, meaning any end user wishing to utilize a PCI Express card must have a computer equipped to handle the new standard.
The IrSimple protocol also maintains backward compatibility with the existing IrDA protocols.
As with most LCD modules in NEC's standard industrial lineup, backward compatibility with its predecessors with respect to outer dimensions, position of mounting holes, and center of the screen enables the new module to be replaced easily-without the need for changing any peripheral appliances due to interface incompatibility.
The Tandberg 420LTO is the first generation of Tandberg Data's planned five-generation roadmap of low-cost half-height LTO technology offering users backward compatibility and scalability up to 3.
For example, DLT and drives, which were introduced in 1985, had a substantial market share in 1997, largely because of backward compatibility within the product line.
The Jaz drive's capacity has been doubled to 2 Gb, but it maintains backward compatibility with the older 1 Gb model.
The lack of backward compatibility affects practically everyone.
com/xbox-one-gets-xbox-360-backwards-compatibility-play-gears-war-fallout-3-fable-ii-2181192) backward compatibility  is a killer app for Microsoft's current console.
The transition from 1 Gb/s to 2Gb/s was simple and fast because it offered backward compatibility, no infrastructure change and pricing was equal.