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The process of leaching metals from ore by using bacteria or fungi to convert the metals into a soluble form.

bi′o·leached′ adj.
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Xiong, Optimizing Conditions for Bacterial Leaching of Copper from Discarded Mines, Journal of Uni.
Metal solubilization, applying bacteria Acidithiobacillus spp is being done for the recovery of copper and uranium by heap, dump and in situ leach techniques on a commercial scale, It is estimated that around 35 % oftotal copper is obtained through bacterial leaching processes.
As Compared to lithotrophic bacterial leaching, this technique has advantage of being operated at mildly acidic conditions that minimize the loss of sediments properties, eventual foaming and H2S evolution phenomena that result from a sudden addition of strong mineral acids.
Maryam Maneshdavi, Alireza Jafarnejadi, Hossein Shirani, Gholamabbas Sayyad; Applicability of CDE Equation for Simulation of Escherichia coli Bacterial Leaching from a Silty Clay Soil
Furthermore, bacterial leaching in clay topsoils could be accentuated in summer by formation of shrinkage cracks (Jiang et al.
Alterations in surfaces y textures of minerals during the bacterial leaching of a complex sulfide ore.
This was done in order to observe the bacterial leaching in lysimeters with different hydraulic characteristics.
Bacterial leaching of metal sulphides apparently requires the attachment of bacterial cells to metal sulfides.
Furthermore, a composite sample from one month's output from the Procesos Biometalurgicos (PBM, the joint-venture formed by Industrias Penoles, Bactech and Mintek to demonstrate the commercial viability of producing copper cathode from chalcopyrite concentrate using bacterial leaching and SX-EW), has met the London Metal Exchange's A grade specification.
Bacteria facilitate the oxidation of sulfur and iron through the process of bacterial leaching or bio-oxidation.
Enami contributed the property rights and Pudahuel the bacterial leaching technology.
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