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An agent that destroys bacteria.

bac·te′ri·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
bac·te′ri·cid′al·ly adv.
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Adj.1.bactericidal - preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganismsbactericidal - preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms
antiseptic - thoroughly clean and free of or destructive to disease-causing organisms; "doctors in antiseptic green coats"; "the antiseptic effect of alcohol"; "it is said that marjoram has antiseptic qualities"


n. bactericida, exterminador de bacterias.


adj bactericida
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To summarize, manuka honey has been proved in this study as a promising bacteriocidal agents agaisnt NDM-1 producing bacterial species.
We show the bacteriocidal effects of UV-irradiated perchlorates provide yet further evidence that the surface of Mars is lethal to vegetative cells and renders much of the surface and near-surface regions uninhabitable.
2007) including metabolic products and short polypeptide with bacteriostatic and bacteriocidal activities.
Bacteriocins are bioactive peptide complexes (30-60 amino acids) that on other species have a bacteriocidal effect.
Antibacterial drugs are derived from bacteria or molds or are synthesized de novo and can be classified in several ways - bacteriostatic or bacteriocidal, by chemical structure, according to their mode of action, or according to their spectrum of activity.
After the 48 hr of incubation of all the test organism it was obserebed that zone og inhibition increased that infer the bacteriostatic and probably bacteriocidal activity when it was observed after 72 hrs of incubation.
IL-12 acts not only as an activator of macrophages in the inflammed tissue, increasing their phagocytic and bacteriocidal activity, but also increases the ability of macrophages to produce IL 12 in a powerful positive feedback loop.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Consumable Items for NMITLI project Ethicon Mersilk or similar suture material: Size 3-0 with 3/8 circle, reverse cutting needle, 16 mm length,Polyglactin 910 absorbable suture, size 4-0, 70 cm length, with 16 mm A' circle round body needle,Hemostatic oxidized cellulose Bacteriocidal, sterile, absorbable (size: 2 x 4 ),Impression Trays- sets of All sizes, perforated, Autoclavable.
2014) Cell wall-anchored nuclease of Streptococcus sanguinis contributes to escape from neutrophil extracellular trap-mediated bacteriocidal activity.
However, with fermentation of tannin rich plants, their bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic effects on the rumen microbes, and inactivation of their enzymes greatly suppresses fermentation and this could result in decrease of methane production.
Lasers lasers a) Er:YAG have been used for b) Er, Cr:YAG polymerizing composite resins This lasers can minimally cut/ remove the enamel and dentin They also cause complete bacteriocidal action They also create micromechanical bonding of restorative and composite and avoid need of etching Also it helps in pit and fissure preparation and better sealing Adjustment in microleakage of composites, due to better bonding Argon Use of Argon based lasers for laser composite resin polymerization