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a town in N Afghanistan: capital of ancient Bactria.
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Weed Bioagent Kind of Reporting bioagent country Chondrilla Puccina Rust Australia juncea chondrillina Cyperus Bactra Shoot boring India, rotundus verutana moth Pakistan, USA Eupatorium Entyloma Plant USA riparium compositarum pathogen Hydrilla Hydrellia Shoot fly USA verticillata pakistanae Orobanche Sclerotinia Plant USA cernua sp.
Trichogrammatoidea bactrae (local strain: originally obtained from the eggs of Bactra venosana Zeller attacking nut grass, Cyprus rotundus L.
Just before the revelation two important cities in the empire are mentioned by Callirhoe as her imagined destinations once she crosses the Euphrates (Susa and Bactra in 5,1,7), a bit of misdirection from our author.