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Of or relating to Bactria or its people, language, or culture.
1. A native or inhabitant of Bactria.
2. The Middle Iranian language of the Bactrians, known from scattered inscriptions and legal documents extending into the Islamic period.


(Placename) of or relating to Bactria,
(Placename) a native or inhabitant of Bactria
dromedary, Bactrian - A one-hump camel is a dromedary (from Latin, meaning "swift camel," from Greek dromas, "runner") and a two-hump camel is a Bactrian (from Bactria in Asia).
See also related terms for runner.


(ˈkӕməl) noun
a desert animal with one (dromedary (ˈdromədəri) ) or two (bactrian (camel) (ˈbӕktriən) ) humps on its back, used for carrying goods and/or people.
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As when the TARTAR from his RUSSIAN Foe By ASTRACAN over the Snowie Plaines Retires, or BACTRIAN Sophi from the hornes Of TURKISH Crescent, leaves all waste beyond The Realme of ALADULE, in his retreate To TAURIS or CASBEEN.
They crossed a snowy pass in cold moonlight, when the lama, mildly chaffing Kim, went through up to his knees, like a Bactrian camel - the snow-bred, shag-haired sort that came into the Kashmir Serai.
First, the camels are valuable because they are rare; fewer than 500 Bactrian camels live in North America.
A number of these artifacts from the Bactrian and Kaushanian periods have been shown in exhibitions in different countries in Europe and America.
Soon after, Afghanistan announced to the world that the Bactrian Hoard and other precious artifacts had been recovered, and assembled an international team to catalogue, preserve, and exhibit the collections.
If there was ever any doubt that the Bactrian Greeks used a Macedonian calendar, it was put to rest by the publication of a tax receipt dated to Oloios in year 4 of Antimachos (Rea, SENIOR & HOLLIS 1994).
Keepers at Marwell Zoo near Winchester, Hampshire, had been searching for a friend to live alongside bactrian camel Wacker.
Besides finding the 19-meter long sleeping statue, the team has also discovered around 90 other relics which include several coins from the Bactrian, Greek and Islamic eras,'' he said.
By Neely Tucker WASHINGTON--You can go see Indiana Jones and the temple of whatever if you like, but it's probably not going to be as good as the Bactrian Gold and the Secret of Tillya Tepe.
CAMELS have either one or two humps - two in the case of the bactrian or Asian camel and one in the dromedary or Arabian camel.
Of the top 100 EDGE mammals currently listed--among them the bumblebee bat, the pygmy hippopotamus, and the Bactrian camel--two-thirds receive little or no conservation attention.
The plan, called Pleistocene rewilding, suggests reintroducing into Arizona, the Great Plains, and elsewhere various species--such as Bactrian camels, peregrine falcons, and Old World cheetahs--that were once native to North America.