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n. pl. bac·u·la or bac·u·lums
The bone of the penis of many mammals, including most rodents, carnivores, and nonhuman primates. Also called os penis.

[New Latin, from Latin, rod, stick; see bak- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -la (-lə) or -lums
(Zoology) a bony support in the penis of certain mammals, esp the carnivores
[C20: New Latin, from Latin: stick, staff]
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5] These are called baculum or os priapi, and their presence enables a male of the species to mate for an extended period of time with a female in the absence of well-developed erectile tissue.
umbrinus), any of which could occur in the study area (Bergstrom and Hoffmann, 1991), the baculum of voucher specimens was excised and identified using morphological features (Lechleitner, 1969).
The study, conducted by Dr Jean-Francois Lemaitre from the University of Liverpool with colleagues in France and Switzerland, found that dominant males had wider penis bones, also called baculum.
Loeb Classical Library (Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press; London: William Heinemann Ltd, 1984), 2: 410-411: "hunc modo serpentem, baculum qui nexibus ambit, perspice et usque nota visu, ut cognoscere possis