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 (dûrk′hīm, dür-kĕm′), Émile 1858-1917.
French social scientist and a founder of sociology who is known for his study of social values and alienation. His important works include The Rules of Sociological Method (1895).


(ˈdɜːkhaɪm; French dyrkɛm)
(Biography) Émile (emil). 1858–1917, French sociologist, whose pioneering works include De la Division du travail social (1893)


(ˈdɜrk haɪm, dɜrˈkɛm)

Émile, 1858–1917, French sociologist and philosopher.
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Noun1.Durkheim - French sociologist and first professor of sociology at the Sorbonne (1858-1917)
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Therefore, The city of bad durkheim decided in july 2016 to design and build the thermal baths as an extension of the salinarium on the basis of the feasibility studies and their additional review.
La sesion de manana de la segunda jornada giro en torno a una amplia nomina de sitios tradicionalmente denominados como "principescos": Hohenasperg, Ipf, Breisacher Munsterberg, Britzgyberg, Bad Durkheim y Glauberg.