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1. Used formerly as a title for the monarch of Iran.
2. Used formerly as a title for the sultan of Turkey.

[Persian pādshāh : Old Persian pati-, master; see poti- in Indo-European roots + Persian shāh, king; see shah.]


(Historical Terms) a title of the shah of Iran
[from Persian pādi lord + shah]


(ˈpɑ dɪˌʃɑ, -ˌʃɔ)

(often cap.) great king; emperor (a title, esp. of the shah of Iran).
[1605–15; < Persian (poetical form), =pādi- (earlier pati) lord + shāh shah]
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KARACHI -- The Sindh Assembly has demanded that the federal and provincial governments announce a public holiday on the death anniversary of Shaheed Sibghatullah Shah Rashdi also known as Sooriah Badshah.
The House also adopted a resolution demanding to declare 20th March as a public holiday on the day of martyrdom of Sain Sooryah Badshah in the province.
They said during the struggle Sooriah Badshah not only sacrificed his life but thousands of followers of Hur Jamaat laid down their lives.
KARACHI -- Salman Khan stroked quick fire unbeaten 73 to set up Golden Eagles five-wicket win over Lahore Badshah in Amir Cables T20 League here at Shah Faisal ground.
LAHORE -- Salman Khan stroked quick fired unbeaten 73 to set up Golden Eagles five wickets win over Lahore Badshah in Amir Cables T20 league here on Thursday at Shah Faisal ground.
Mohammad Rizwan 72, Akbar Badshah 40, Adil Amin 33 and Zohaib Khan 31 batted well.
The labourers who were killed in the accident were identified as Waheed Gul son of Fazle Manan, Naeemullah son of Jehanzeb Master, Sultan Badshah son of Fazal Mohammad and Noor Zameen son of Noor Ali, reported private news channel.
Summary: Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec 24 (ANI): The son of a renowned businessman, who was abducted from his residence in Lucknow, was recovered in a joint operation conducted by Lucknow Crime Branch and Mahoba Police at the farm house of Congress leader Badshah Singh in Mahoba's Kairala.
Rapper Badshah, best known for songs Mercy, DJ Waley Babu and Chull, has decided to launch a high street fashion line called Badfit.
KARACHI -- Pakistan's only icon in professional wrestling circuit Badshah Pehlwan Khan outwrestled former WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion Carlito after a tough battle to steal the show at the first-ever professional wrestling event in Pakistan.
Y OU don't normally seek to do much else if you are at the top of your game -- ask Badshah.
RIYADH: Sama Steel and Lahore Badshah scored easy wins over King Faisal Specialists Hospital and Lahore Lions respectively in the sixth round of the AlKharaj League AMEX Twenty20 Cricket Tournament organized by the Riyadh Cricket Association.