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 (gwŏd′l-kwĭv′ər, gwä′thäl-kē-vîr′)
A river of southern Spain flowing about 650 km (405 mi) west and southwest to the Gulf of Cádiz.


(ˌɡwɑːdəlkwɪˈvɪə; Spanish ɡwaðalkiˈβir)
(Placename) the chief river of S Spain, rising in the Sierra de Segura and flowing west and southwest to the Gulf of Cádiz: navigable by ocean-going vessels to Seville. Length: 560 km (348 miles)


(ˌgwɑd l kiˈvɪər)

a river in S Spain, flowing W to the Gulf of Cádiz. 374 mi. (602 km) long.
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The Betis part comes from Baetis, the Roman name for the river which runs through the club's home city of Seville.
Trout have also eliminated or drastically reduced other native Andean aquatic life, including a Baetis - a tiny, irresistible trout fly, which American fly fishermen might recognize.
Molecular analysis using the COI region of mtDNA has revealed cryptic species in many insects including mayflies Baetis vernus (Stahls & Savolainen 2008) and flower beetle (Blair et al.
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Juventae Fons and Baetis were well seen in good seeing, and Cave even noticed that Baetis appeared as a twisted streak on May 29.
34 29 57 Argia tibialis 34 41 43 Baetis intercalaris 34 47 43 Hydroporus spp.
A few tiny baetis mayflies appeared on the water at midday and trout grabbed them as they floated by.
10, 1978, shows an uneventful view of the edge of the plateau Baetis Mensa and a bright slope beneath.
The fish feed mostly on midge larva and pupa and on aquatic worms and the occasional baetis mayfly in the winter.