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 (băf′ĭn), William 1584?-1622.
English explorer who piloted several expeditions (1612-1616) in search of the Northwest Passage.


(Biography) William. c.1584–1622, English navigator and explorer who led several expeditions to find the North West Passage


(ˈbæf ɪn)

William, 1584?–1622, English navigator.


[ˈbæfɪn] N Baffin BayBahía f de Baffin
Baffin IslandTierra f de Baffin
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And all this happened far away to the north, beyond Labrador, beyond Hudson's Strait, where the great tides heave the ice about, north of Melville Peninsula--north even of the narrow Fury and Hecla Straits--on the north shore of Baffin Land, where Bylot's Island stands above the ice of Lancaster Sound like a pudding-bowl wrong side up.
Later, they would go south into Baffin Land after the reindeer, and to get their year's store of salmon from the hundreds of streams and lakes of the interior; coming back north in September or October for the musk-ox hunting and the regular winter sealery.
Which of the following islands is smallest: Sumatra, Baffin Island or Borneo?
Jhinuk Sarkar has had an Arts Council-funded residency to create some works for the exhibition, The Land That Faces Away From the Sun: Changing Lives on Baffin Island.
23rd The 10 Smith; Willow 9 Carillon; 8 Island; Baffin 7 Bluebird; 6 Ethelred; 5 Greece; 4 Taipei; 3 delegates; all by attended One 2 Boys; Beach The 1 ANSWERS:
Which cold ocean current runs from Baffin Bay into the North Atlantic?
When the temperature rises on Baffin Island, in the Canadian high Arctic, ancient Polytrichum mosses, trapped beneath the ice for thousands of years, are exposed.
Oolitic limestone found in Baffin Bay, South Texas, attracts the trophy-trout crowd, who wade and relentlessly hunt the next Texas state record trout, since the last two came from here.
The entire northeastern coastline of Baffin Island, from Qikiqtarjuaq to Pond Inlet is ranked one of the world's greatest iceberg vistas.
To pin down when this climate change began, Miller's team traveled to Baffin Island on the northern fringes of Canada.
Fred Schell, Member for South Baffin, had been selected to serve on Cabinet at a meeting of the Nunavut Leadership Forum held earlier that morning.
Inuit and whalers on Baffin Island through German eyes; Wilhelm Weike's arctic journal and letters (1883-1884).