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a. A container of flexible material, such as paper, plastic, or leather, that is used for carrying or storing items.
b. A handbag; a purse.
c. A piece of hand luggage, such as a suitcase or satchel.
d. A pouchlike or sagging organ or part of the body, such as a cow's udder.
2. An object that resembles a pouch.
3. Nautical The sagging or bulging part of a sail.
4. The amount that a bag can hold.
5. An amount of game taken or legally permitted to be taken.
6. Baseball A base.
7. Slang An area of interest or skill: Cooking is not my bag.
8. Slang A woman considered ugly or unkempt.
v. bagged, bag·ging, bags
1. To put into a bag: bag groceries.
2. To cause to bulge like a pouch.
3. To capture or kill as game: bagged six grouse.
4. Informal
a. To gain; acquire: He bagged a profit from the sale.
b. To capture or arrest: was bagged for trespassing.
c. To accomplish or achieve: bagged a birdie with a long putt.
5. Slang
a. To fail to attend purposely; skip: bagged classes for the day and went to the beach.
b. To stop doing or considering; abandon: bagged the idea and started from scratch.
c. To terminate the employment of.
1. To pack items in a bag.
2. To hang loosely: The pants bag at the knees.
3. To swell out; bulge.
Phrasal Verb:
bag out
To quit or abandon an activity.
bag and baggage
1. With all one's belongings.
2. To a complete degree; entirely.
bag it Slang
1. To cease participating in an activity: Finally in disgust I told my debating opponent to bag it.
2. To bring along one's lunch, as in a paper bag: I don't like cafeteria food, so I always bag it.
in the bag
Assured of a successful outcome; virtually accomplished or won.

[Middle English bagge, from Old Norse baggi.]

bag′ful n.
bag′ger n.


informal a person or machine who packs things, usually groceries, into bags


(ˈbæg ər)

one who bags groceries.
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Noun1.bagger - a workman employed to pack things into containersbagger - a workman employed to pack things into containers
working man, working person, workingman, workman - an employee who performs manual or industrial labor
2.bagger - a machine for putting objects or substances into bags
machine - any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks
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I was a bag boy at a grocery store in Vermont for a short period of time.
I started wearing them ever since my song Duffle Bag Boy.
After starting out as a bag boy at Safeway, Wing forged a career in the supermarket business and rose to executive positions by becoming an industry leader and innovator creating next-generation store formats, enhancing customer experiences and leading store expansions, the company said in announcing his promotion.
Unit,collection bag boy / girl with protective foam and urine measurement scale.
By seventh grade, we were in upstate New York, and I was a terrible student, on the D-track that would qualify me for a job as a bag boy at ShopRite.
The first, 2007's Supply & Demand, spawned a hit in the Lil Wayne collab "Duffle Bag Boy," but the duo were ultimately overshadowed by Wayne's hook.
Prior to the recapitalisation, Baby Jogger, which makes baby strollers, bicycle trailers, and related accessories, was part of Richmond-based Dynamic Brands, a portfolio of leading brand name companies in the golf and juvenile sectors such as Bag Boy, Slotline, Burton, Datrek, Devant, Sir Christopher Hatton, Miller Golf and AMF Golf.
And the poor bag boy [who] was helping me with my stuff wanted to be invisible," said the American singer.
I did it again," goes through my thoughts as that blue-eyed bag boy starts to put items in the bag.
Someone with considerable experience of the challenges of internationalisation is Randy Guttery, now Managing Director for the Metro Group's cash-and-carry business in Vietnam, and previously CEO for Ahold in China and Thailand and for Wal-Mart in South Korea (from his first job in retailing 36 years ago as a bag boy at Kroger Supermarket)
In the daily feature, five regular RedEye writers or fictional characters such as Bag Boy give smart-aleck responses to five sports-themed questions.