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 (bə-hē′ə, bä-ē′ə)
Ba·hi′an adj. & n.


(bəˈhiːə; Portuguese bəˈiːə)
1. (Placename) a state of E Brazil, on the Atlantic coast. Capital: Salvador. Pop: 13 323 212 (2002). Area: about 562 000 sq km (217 000 sq miles)
2. (Placename) the former name of San Salvador


(bɑˈi ə, bə-)

1. a coastal state of E Brazil. 12,331,895; 216,130 sq. mi. (559,700 sq. km). Cap.: Salvador.
2. a former name of Salvador (def. 2).
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Paul's Rocks, non-volcanic -- Singular Incrustations -- Insects the first Colonists of Islands -- Fernando Noronha -- Bahia -- Burnished Rocks -- Habits of a Diodon -- Pelagic Confervae and Infusoria -- Causes of discoloured Sea.
For her 2010 doctoral project in USP's same Visual Poetics program, Bahia chronicled the more recent biography of and art by another Paulistano artist, Marcelo Cidade (b.
Today, Bahia joins Buenos Aires, Lisbon, the Netherlands and SEuo Paulo in ending ties with Mekorot.
This Component will provide support to improve road accessibility in Bahia, through the carrying out of works for the elimination of about 1,250 critical spots on selected municipal rural roads in 62 Selected Municipalities (the Municipal Road Subprojects) including, inter alia: (i) improving the drainage of the platform, including the replacement of existing unsafe wood bridges by concrete standardized bridges; (ii) the construction and/or reconstruction of culverts and longitudinal drainage; and (iii) the construction of fords and the elimination of quagmires.
Bahia, of Hillman Drive, Dudley, was sentenced immediately and received a four-year jail sentence from Recorder Kevin Grice.
It comes weeks after planning permission was granted to expand Bahia into the next door property.
Located in Baia de Todos os Santos, Salvador, in the state of Bahia on the eastern coast of Brazil, the port received the first ever Q-flex LNG vessel, 'Al-Huwaila'.
subnodosus juveniles were transferred to the field and seeded in a culturing system in Bahia Tortugas, in the western Pacific coast of the Baja California Peninsula (27[degrees]41'30"N, 114[degrees]53'45"W) (Fig.
In Bahia, Portuguese America's original capital and the cradle of Afro-Brazil, the African oil palm became established by the seventeenth century, subsequently providing a base ingredient in Afro-Brazilian cuisine and liturgical materials in Afro-Brazilian religions.
The Grauer School has traveled to Bahia de Los Angeles, a tiny fishing village far south of the border, on several occasions as part of the school's Expeditionary Learning program, which takes students to locations locally as well as around the globe each semester to learn outside the traditional classroom.
Bahia, in contrast, are one off the relegation places in Serie A and they have won only one of their last seven league matches.
We have parking space for up to 3,000 cars and are targeting Al Bahia, Shahama, Al Rahba, Al Reef, Khalifa City A & B, Al Raha Gardens and Al Raha Beach as our catchment areas where the total population is about 150,000 and expected to rise to 200,000 over the next five years," said Tas, adding that so far, up to 69 per cent of the stores have been leased and by the time the mall is formally opened, they shall have leased out 85 per cent of the total available retail space at the mall.