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Noun1.Bai - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in the Dali region of Yunnan
Tibeto-Burman, Tibeto-Burman language - a branch of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages spoken from Tibet to the Malay Peninsula
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We are proud to honor this exclusive group of innovators for their achievements that are shaping the future of the financial services industry," saidDebbie Bianucci, President and Chief Executive Officer, BAI .
He said BAI will not tie up with any other company after terminating the contract with Sporty Solutionz.
While BAI has to struggle to keep its customers and penetrate new markets, it expects to benefit, albeit indirectly, from the closure of a major competitor in the US.
The nation and its media took a hard turn toward abject triviality," Matt Bai writes, which eventually forced politicians to "retreat behind iron walls of bland rhetoric.
Enhanced by advisory support, IFC's financing will help Bai Tushum scale up its lending to SMEs, which represent 40 percent of the Kyrgyz GDP and 60 percent of all jobs.
Motorola's ruggedized outdoor wireless access points and controller running Wireless Next Generation (WiNG) technology were selected by BAI Canada based on Motorola's leadership position in the transportation vertical, proven radio performance in harsh environments and global reach with local expertise.
It is the discretion of BAI president Akhilesh Das Gupta and on an unconditional apology, Jwala can be set free.
Ken's background, experience and passion in driving "best in class" beverage brands to reach their fullest potential, along with his desire to build and lead world class sales teams, has led him to bai.
Le Beau Bai could manage only third in the race when sent off the 4-1 favourite two years ago - but it was a different story this time as the 10-1 shot got the better of last season's runner-up Giles Cross to give rider Charlie Poste the biggest win of his career.
Bai, 44, who was a soldier in a People's Liberation Army performance troupe from age 14 to 17, told The Associated Press in a recent interview that she was "opening a wound that was very secret to myself, that even my parents don't know.
Bai noted that the procurement delegation will procure 30 million FPDs, worth US$5.
Islamic lender Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd is studying alternative financing structures such as ijara and musharaka mutanaqisa to reduce its dependence on bai bithaman ajil, its chief executive said on Tuesday.