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 (bā′ərd, bī′-, bä-yär′), Seigneur de Originally Pierre Terrail. 1473-1524.
French military hero known for his fearlessness and chivalry in the Italian campaigns of Charles VIII, Louis XII, and Francis I.


(European Myth & Legend) a legendary horse that figures prominently in medieval romance


(ˈbeɪəd; French bajar)
(Biography) Chevalier de (ʃəvalje də), original name Pierre de Terrail. ?1473–1524, French soldier, known as le chevalier sans peur et sans reproche (the fearless and irreproachable knight)


(ˈbeɪ ərd; Fr. baˈyar)

Pierre Terrail, Seigneur de, ( “the knight without fear and without reproach” ), 1473–1524, French soldier.
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Noun1.Bayard - French soldier said to be fearless and chivalrous (1473-1524)
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Twice in the Morgante, Rinaldo's charger Baiardo is commandeered: first by the benevolent wizard Malagigi in canto 5, and then by the devil-theologian Astarotte in canto 25.
Boiardo's Baiardo refuses to bear adversaries into battle against his own master, as he also does in Ariosto.
Per il venerato e ricco amico Barisan, amante del teatro e attore dilettante espertissimo, l'autore scrisse molte produzioni, tra le quali (si riporta anche l'anno della rappresentazione (10)): Il cavalier Baiardo (Castelfranco, Accad.
This recently discovered painting was previously known only from preliminary drawings but was recorded in an inventory of the artist's patron Caveliere Francesco Baiardo in 1561.
Here we find illustrated and interpreted the function of the supernatural horses Baiardo and Rabicano, monsters and giants, mythological villains such as Medusa, and finally, the practitioners of magic.
Ekserdjian keenly observes that the unusual support (copper) of the latter image finds confirmation in the Baiardo Inventory.