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or Bay·kal  (bī-kôl′, -kŏl′), Lake
A lake of south-central Russia. Over 636 km (395 mi) long, it is the largest freshwater lake in Eurasia and the world's deepest lake, with a maximum known depth of 1,637 m (5,370 ft).


(baɪˈkɑːl; -ˈkæl)
(Placename) Lake Baikal a lake in Russia, in SE Siberia: the largest freshwater lake in Eurasia and the deepest in the world. Greatest depth: over 1500 m (5000 ft). Area: about 33 670 sq km (13 000 sq miles). Russian name: Ozero Baykal


(baɪˈkɑːl; -ˈkæl)
trademark a type of Russian-made handgun, designed to fire tear-gas cylinders but often modified to fire bullets



Lake, a lake in the Russian Federation, in S Siberia: the deepest lake in the world. 13,200 sq. mi. (34,188 sq. km); 5714 ft. (1742 m) deep.
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Noun1.Baikal - the largest freshwater lake in Asia or Europe and the deepest lake in the worldBaikal - the largest freshwater lake in Asia or Europe and the deepest lake in the world
Siberia - a vast Asian region of Russia; famous for long cold winters
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Ash Routen and Phil Sturgeon, in partnership with Sub Zero and SIGG, will depart for Siberia, Russia, in February with the intention of walking across Lake Baikal.
Atop the image is the hashtag "#TheNextGalaxy" and the words: "Code name BAIKAL.
From North Korea, Ang traveled to Irkutsk in Siberia, Russia, to attend the recent 15th Baikal International Festival of Documentary and Popular-Science Films, where 'Paraiso' won the Mass Media Jury Award.
A Trans-Siberian Express Classic Route trip from Moscow to Vladivostok, via Kazan, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, along the shores of Lake Baikal and Ulaanbaatar, costs from [euro]13,600 per person on an all-inclusive basis with 12 nights on the Golden Eagle and two nights in a hotel on selected spring and summer dates in 2016.
According to Ukrainian press, the accident took place when minibus plunged through ice on Lake Baikal in Siberia.
A unique feature of the freshwater ecosystem of Lake Baikal is the presence of endemic Baikal seal--the seal (Pusa (Phoca) sibirica Gmel.
as to (as in that great song) Cross the Sacred Lake Baikal without oar,
The Mal'ta people probably met up with East Asians somewhere east of Lake Baikal and interbred with them, giving rise to the ancestors of Native Americans.
Paul Donnell, 43, had a Rossi revolver, two Glock pistols, a hunting rifle and a Russian Baikal - the handgun described as Britain's favourite killing machine.
In Lancashire, a Baikal Teal has provoked speculation about its origin: since they winter in Korea and are prized in collections, they were long presumed to be escapes.
The Baikal, part of top Iranian tanker operator NITC's fleet, had been anchored off the Greek island of Syros since Monday, AIS vessel tracking data showed.
Three one-year-old Baikal teal ducks transferred from London Zoo and a second female is being sought to join the two males and female.