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(bān; as F., băN)
n.1.A bath; a bagnio.
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Did she ever get back to Brittany and her bains de mer?
Her hair is still like flax, and her blue eyes are just like a baby's, and she has the same three freckles on her little nose, and talks about going back to her bains de mer.
There was no affair between Greg Vant and Juliet Bains.
In 1970, Bain was posthumously named one of the five greatest Manitoba athletes of the century.
Modestly Mr Bains described his amazing discovery as "just part of my job", but his employers eventually showed their gratitude.
They painstakingly matched stills from the videos with women being treated at Tinkers Lane Surgery, in Royal Wootton Bassett, Wilts, where Bains had worked for four years until June last year.
Police described Bains as a "sexual predator" and said he had filmed up to 300 women while the sentencing judge branded him a "disgrace to the medical profession".
At Swindon Crown Court yesterday, Bains admitted a total of 39 charges - 13 charges of assault by penetration, 13 charges of voyeurism, 11 charges of sexual assault and two charges of sexual activity with a child.
When Majorana attempted to pay for her purchases with a credit card, Bains brought out a small black notebook and refused to process her credit card unless she gave him her telephone number.
Bains filmed the attacks on his Timex 4GB Waterproof HD Spy Watch DVR, which has been likened to something out of a 007 film.