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Noun1.Baiomys - pygmy miceBaiomys - pygmy mice        
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Cricetidae, family Cricetidae - mostly small New World rodents including New World mice and lemmings and voles and hamsters
Baiomys taylori, pygmy mouse - very small dark greyish brown mouse resembling a house mouse; of Texas and Mexico
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However, it has been studied under laboratory conditions in Mastomys natalensis (Johnston and Oliff, 1954), Baiomys taylori (Hudson, 1974), Peromyscus californicus (Gubernick, 1988), and Proechimys chrysaeolus (Sabogal-Guaqueta et al.
Vargas V, Valenzuela-Galvan D, Alcala RE (2012) Is genetic structure of the southern pygmy mouse Baiomys musculus (Cricetidae) related to human-induced spatial landscape heterogeneity in a tropical dry forest?
Response of Baiomys taylori to changes in density of imported fire ants.
Jacobs and Lindsay (1981) and Lindsay and Jacobs (1985) described rodent remains from the well-known late Miocene (late Hemphillian North American Land Mammal Age; NALMA) locality of Yepomera, Chihuahua, including several cricetids (Prosigmodon oroscoi, Prosigmodon chihuahuensis, Calomys elachys, Calomys baskini, Calomys winklerorum, Baiomys kolbi, and Postcopemys valensis).
Allen, 1890 Rodentia Muridae Baiomys spp True Sciuridae 1894 Sciurus spp Linnaeus 1758 Clase Nombre comun CITES 2013 S Mammalia Jabali de collar Apendice II X Venado cola Apendice III X blanca Gato montes Apendice II X Puma o leon de Apendice II montana Zorra gris Zorrillo espalda X blanca Coati o Solitario Apendice III X Tlacuache X Conejo X Raton Ardilla X X Clase 2013 2014 L S L Mammalia X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X S=Secas, L=Lluvias.
Cuvier, 1829 121 Sciurus deppei Ardilla de C MA LR/lc Peters, 1863 selva Familia Geomyidae 122 Orthogeomys Tuza C MX A CR cuniculus Elliot, 1905 123 Orthogeomys hispidus Tuza C MA LR/lc Le Conte, 1852 Familia Heteromyidae 124 Heteromys Raton C SA LR/lc desmarestianus Gray, 1868 125 Liomys pictus Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 126 Liomys salvini Raton C MA LR/lc Thomas, 1893 Familia Muridae 127 Baiomys musculus Raton C MA LR/lc Merriam, 1892 128 Neotoma mexicana Raton C NA LR/lc Baird, 1855 129 Nyctomys sumichrasti Raton C MA LR/lc Saussure, 1860 130 Oligoryzomys Raton C SA LR/lc fulvescens Saussure, 1860 131 Oryzomys alfaroi J.
In addition to the recognized arenavirus hosts, other Texas rodent genera (Onychomys, Baiomys, Peromyscus, Dipodomys, and Chaetodipus) have tested positive for arenavirus antibodies (Milazzo et al.
yerbabuenae and rodents such as Reithrodontomys fulvescens and Baiomys taylori (not collected on the coastal plain for this project but recorded near Huajicori and Acaponeta, Nayarit, about 50 km from the river valley) occur on both sides of the SMO, but eastern and western populations are usually considered as isolated by the mountain barrier.
Allen, 1890 HETEROMYIDAE Liomys irroratus NA (Gray, 1868) GEOMYIDAE Cratogeomys fumosus MA EM (Merriam, 1894) Pappogeomys bulleri MA EM (Thomas, 1892) CRICETIDAE Baiomys taylori NA (Thomas, 1887) Neotoma mexicana NA Baird, 1855 Peromyscus sp.
Captured animals were uniquely marked with a numbered Monel[TM] ear tag (National Band and Tag Company, Newport, Kentucky) except for Baiomys taylori, which are too small for ear tags (Gannon et al.
melanophrys and 40% for Baiomys musculus pallidus obtained by Herlindo-Jaimes (1998).