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(baɪˈræm; ˈbaɪræm)
(Islam) either of two Muslim festivals, one (Lesser Bairam) falling at the end of Ramadan, the other (Greater Bairam) 70 days later at the end of the Islamic year
[from Turkish bayrām]


(baɪˈrɑm, ˈbaɪ rɑm)

2. a fast day after Ramadan.
[1590–1600; < Turkish bayram literally, festival, ultimately < Iranian]
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Eight months, however, passed, and still no tidings of him; then the feast of Bairam came.
Rajmani Patel, Kumar Ketkar, Porika Bairam Naik and Abhishek Manu Singhvi are contesting from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telangana and West Bengal respectively.
LT Gen Adawi who was speaking on the occasion of the Great Bairam congratulated the units, officers and privates of the Sudanese Armed Forces for their steadfastness in defense of the homeland, the Arab and Islamic gains and holy sites, outside the homeland.
Slim Bairam, PDG de Sotradies, a declare, lors de la ceremonie d'inauguration:[beaucoup moins que]dans notre domaine d'activite, ce qui fait la difference entre les concessionnaires, c'est le service apres-vente, la disponibilite des pieces de rechange et la qualification des techniciens, parce que l'immobilisation du materiel coute tres cher aux entreprises et aux transporteurs[beaucoup plus grand que].
In ystanbul's EyE-p Mosque, people prayed to end of terror attacks and exchanged bairam greeting.
The apex of Turko-phobia, however, was the school's decision not to recognise and observe the Bairam religious holiday, even though many were in favour including the Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou.
He defeated the army of Emperor Akbar and Bairam Khan, winning the throne of Delhi and India in 1556, but was killed in a battle with Akbar a month later after a stray arrow hit his eye.
All Pakistan Mushaira will follow the concluding session in which known poets will render their poetry including Zafar Iqbal, Kishwar Naheed, Asghar Nadeem Sayyed, Amjad Islam Amjad, Imdad Hussaini, Bairam Ghori, Abbas Tabish and others.
While critics frequently note the disruption of Islamic hospitality attending upon the Giaour's murder of Hassan, nobody to my knowledge has made anything of the fact that we first encounter the Giaour during the Bairam feast.
Request of offers from owners to rent cold stores for the preservation of Bairam Feast (slaughtered) meat prior to distribution among charity societies during October 2014 to be located in Tanta, Amriya (Alexandria), Menia, Qena & Asswan.
Minister of Railway Transport Bairam Annameredov, in turn, reported on state of the railway sector and measures taken to improve work of all its structural subdivisions.
Increased infrastructure capital has been found to increase investment in domestic private capital (Turnovsky 1996; Ram 1986; Grossman 1988; Bairam and Ward 1993; Buiter 1977; Eberts 1986).