Baja California

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Ba·ja California

 (bä′hä) also Lower California
A mountainous peninsula of western Mexico extending south-southeast between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California south of the US border.

Baja California

1. (Placename) the Spanish name for Lower California
2. (Placename) short for Baja California Norte

Ba′ja Califor′nia

(ˈbɑ hɑ)
a peninsula in NW Mexico between the Gulf of California and the Pacific. Also called Ba′ja, Lower California.
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Noun1.Baja California - a mountainous peninsula on northwest MexicoBaja California - a mountainous peninsula on northwest Mexico
Akwa'ala - a community of Native Americans who speak a Hokan language and live in Baja California
Mexico, United Mexican States - a republic in southern North America; became independent from Spain in 1810
Tijuana - a Mexican city just to the south of San Diego on the Lower California peninsula; popular among American tourists for racetracks and bullfights
Baja CaliforniaPenínsula de Baja California
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Cabo San Lucas, Sha'ban 20, 1436, Jun 7, 2015, SPA -- Hurricane Blanca was weakening even as it roared toward Mexico's Baja California Peninsula on Sunday, and authorities put thousands of troops on alert and businesses boarded over windows ahead of its arrival.
Por tierras inhospitas y desconocidas nos captura con sus relatos sobre la enigmatica peninsula de la Baja California en los albores del siglo XX.
com)-- Incentivized by challenges from the Affordable Care Act to its north, the Mexican state of Baja California is expanding efforts to increase the flow of medical tourism patients from the across the border in the United States by sponsoring the 7th World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, Sept.
Also available in an electronic edition, Off-Trail Adventures in Baja California features nine hikes along outcrops of islands and peninsular shores, complete with maps, extensive descriptions, and an inset selection of color plates.
Coordinadora de Difusion Cultural de la UNAM, Maria Teresa Uriarte Castaneda, doctora en Historia del arte, es autora de Historia y arte de la Baja California y Arte y arqueologia en el altiplano central de Mexico, ambos publicados por la UNAM, este ultimo en coedicion con Siglo XXI Editores, y coordino los dos tomos de La pintura mural en Mexico: Cacaxtla (UNAM, Instituto de Investigaciones Esteticas).
Patterns of distribution, temporal fluctuations and some population parameters of four species of flatfish (Pleuronectidae) off the western coast of Baja California
5 magnitude earthquake struck off the western coast of Mexico in the Gulf of California between the Mexican states of Sonora and Baja California Sur, the US Geological Survey reported.
Elections in the Mexican state of Baja California, which borders with the United States and is considered the most important among 15 elections for state government in the country, did not produce a clear winner, with both leaders from the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (Revolutionary Institutional Party, or PRI, and current governing party in the country) and the Partido AcciA[sup.
The Baja California Peninsula, Mexico, is an arid region where the only sources of freshwater are in isolated desert oases and mountain arroyos (Axelrod, 1979).
Crotaphytus vestigium, a rock-dwelling species of the peninsular ranges of Baja California, occurs along the northern slope of the San Jacinto Mountains, Riverside County, California, south to the southern margin of the volcanic Magdalena Plain in Baja California Sur (McGuire 1996).
Summary: Company Expands into Baja California with Grid Management, Energy Generation and San Diego for Research and Development of Future Products