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Noun1.United States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United StatesUnited States dollar - the basic unit of money in the United States
dollar - the basic monetary unit in many countries; equal to 100 cents
Eurodollar - a United States dollar deposited in a European bank and used as an international currency to finance trade
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Participating in the 10 initiatives are such diverse organizations as the Baksy Museum from Bayburt (Turkey), the Sea Foundation (Netherlands), IW8 Stuttgart (Germany) and the Association of Painting and Sculpture Museums in ystanbul.
Baksy (Native Dancer) introduces Aidai, an old Kazakh lady widely known for her powers of second sight, who is evicted her from her home on land belonging to rich businessman Batyr.
There is no discussion of the scene from an Attic red-figured bell-krater from Baksy in South Russia dating to the end of the 5th century BC which has been described as 'a remarkably "Pheidian" painting' (Shefton 1982: 177).