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A knitted cap covering the head and neck with an opening for the eyes or face, used as cold-weather gear especially by soldiers, mountain climbers, and skiers.

[After Balaklava.]


(ˌbæləˈklɑːvə) or

Balaclava helmet

(Clothing & Fashion) (often not capitals) a close-fitting woollen hood that covers the ears and neck, as originally worn by soldiers in the Crimean War
[C19: named after Balaklava]


(ˌbæl əˈklɑ və)

n., pl. -vas.
a knitted cap that covers the head, neck, and upper shoulders.
[1880–85; after Balaklava]
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Noun1.balaclava - a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the facebalaclava - a cap that is close-fitting and woolen and covers all of the head but the face
cap - a tight-fitting headdress


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] N (also balaclava helmet) → pasamontañas m inv


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] n (= hat) → passe-montagne m; (child's)cagoule f


n (also Balaclava helmet)Kapuzenmütze f


[ˌbæləˈklɑːvə] n (also balaclava helmet) → passamontagna m inv
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on Monday, Geraldo Angeles, 35, was drinking with friends in front of his house on 19th Avenue, San Roque village, in Cubao, when four men on motorcycles and wearing balaclavas arrived and one shot him repeatedly.
Most people carrying a gun committing offences wear balaclavas, don't they?
A FOOTBALL match was abandoned after crowd trouble resulted in several men turning up wearing balaclavas and carrying weapons.
POLICE are appealing for information after three men wearing balaclavas entered an address and a man was assaulted.
Two men wearing balaclavas and brandishing crowbars demanded that staff at the O2 store at the Junction One retail park in Rugby let them in to the stockroom.
Interestingly, these eye-holed noggin-socks were not commonly called "balaclavas" until the early 1880s, when a new generation of Royal Marines and British Army troops used them extensively 'round the world from the Himalayas to the Haraz, and paid homage to the headgear of their brothers of Balaclava.
The jury was told of balaclavas, trainers and gloves which were found stained with blood.
TWO men in balaclavas burst into an off-licence and threatened staff with metal bars.
The two men in balaclavas beat up the couriers who were emptying an ATM.
Two men wearing balaclavas and carrying crowbars were disturbed by two women as they arrived for work at Farmfoods in Boundary Lane, St Helens, at 7.
Both men were wearing black clothing, including black balaclavas.