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Noun1.Balaenoptera - type genus of the BalaenopteridaeBalaenoptera - type genus of the Balaenopteridae  
mammal genus - a genus of mammals
Balaenopteridae, family Balaenopteridae - rorquals; blue whales
Balaenoptera musculus, blue whale, sulfur bottom - largest mammal ever known; bluish-grey migratory whalebone whale mostly of southern hemisphere
Balaenoptera physalus, common rorqual, fin whale, finback, finback whale - large flat-headed whalebone whale having deep furrows along the throat; of Atlantic and Pacific
Balaenoptera borealis, sei whale - similar to but smaller than the finback whale
Balaenoptera acutorostrata, lesser rorqual, minke whale, piked whale - small finback of coastal waters of Atlantic and Pacific
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Their primary targets were blue, Balaenoptera musculus; fin, B.
Common Name scientific Name Blue Whale Balaenoptera musculus Persian Fallow Deer Dama mesopotamica Asiatic Wild Ass Equus hemionus Bunn's Short-tailed Bandicoot Rat Nesokia bunnii Arabian Oryx Oryx leucoryx Cheetah Acinonyx jubatus Long-fingered Bat Myotis capaccinii Mehely's Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus mehelyi Indian Smooth-Coated Otter Lutrogale perspicillata Brown Bear Ursus arctos African Lion Panthera leo Goitered gazelle Gazella subgutturosa European Marbled Polecat Vormela peregusna Finless Porpoise Neophocaena phocaenoides
The sub-species of minke, Balaenoptera acutorostrata, was first noticed in the Great Barrier Reef in the late 1970s and dwarf minke whales were only recognised as a distinct form in the mid-1980s.
35 Balaenoptera musculus is the scientific name of which enormous animal?
Tadasu's team identified an entirely new whale species, now called Balaenoptera omurai.
The new species has been named Balaenoptera omurai.
The new species, named Balaenoptera omurai, also has an unusually- shaped head and a small number of baleen plates.
From November 1977 through August 1979, Murray and Calkins (16) documented the seasonal distribution of beluga whales in Cook Inlet and also recorded the presence of other marine mammals (including harbor seals; minke whales, Balaenoptera acutorostrata; sea otters; and harbor porpoises) during aerial surveys.
Initial characterisation of the hepatic microsomal cytochrome P-450 system of the piked (minke) whale Balaenoptera acutorostrata.
Members of the just-identified species, Balaenoptera omurai, look like fin whales but have distinctive physical and genetic characteristics, report Shiro Wada of the Fisheries Research Agency in Yokohama, Japan, and his colleagues.
Their scientific name is Balaenoptera musculus and in the Southern Hemisphere it's thought--subject to scientific debate--that two subspecies exist.
Common Name Scientific Name Mammal Bear, grizzly Ursus arctos Caribou, woodland Rangifer tarandus caribou Ferret, black-footed Mustela nigripes Otter, southern sea Enhydra lutris nereis Whale, blue Balaenoptera musculus Whale, bowhead (E.