Balearic Islands

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Bal·e·ar·ic Islands

An archipelago in the western Mediterranean Sea off the eastern coast of Spain. Noted for their scenery and mild climate, the islands are a major tourist center.

Balearic Islands

(ˌbælɪˈærɪk) or


pl n
(Placename) a group of islands in the W Mediterranean, consisting of Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Formentera, Cabrera, and 11 islets: a province of Spain. Capital: Palma, on Majorca. Pop: 1 071 500 (2003 est). Area: 5012 sq km (1935 sq miles). Spanish name: Baleares

Bal•e•ar′ic Is′lands

(ˌbæl iˈær ɪk)
a group of islands including Ibiza, Majorca, and Minorca, and constituting a province of Spain in the W Mediterranean Sea. 754,777; 1936 sq. mi. (5015 sq. km).Cap.: Palma. Spanish, Ba•le•a•res (ˌbɑ lɛˈɑ rɛs)
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Noun1.Balearic Islands - an archipelago in the western Mediterranean off the eastern coast of SpainBalearic Islands - an archipelago in the western Mediterranean off the eastern coast of Spain
Espana, Kingdom of Spain, Spain - a parliamentary monarchy in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula; a former colonial power
Majorca - the largest of the Balearic Islands
Balearische Inseln
Ilhas Baleares

Balearic Islands

[ˌbæliˌærɪkˈaɪləndz] npl
the Balearic Islands → les Baléares fpl
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Contract notice: service contract for the exhumation of mass graves included in the action plan of 2018, approved by the ctdf of the balearic islands and identification of localized bodies
Spanish press released that tourism to the Balearic Islands is being negatively affected and decreasing gradually, as the British and German markets are dedicated to Egypt due its low cost in comparison to other destinations.
BULLFIGHTS in Spain's Balearic Islands will be shorter, bloodless and only for adults under new regulations that also ban alcoholic beverages in the bullring.
Spain's Balearic Islands yesterday banned the killing of bulls in corridas in a decision feted by animal rights activists but decried by supporters of the controversial, centuries-old tradition.
Go island hopping in Greece, sail in a regatta in Italy, cruise along the amazing Croatian coast, watch the whales in the Balearic Islands and more
The Balearic Islands top a list of destinations rated as good value for a family holiday, with Greece and Portugal placed high too.
The island, which is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago and located off the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean, is going to have a makeover.
The Association of British Travel Agents, ABTA, has asked authorities in the Balearic Islands to reconsider the imposition of a tax on rental cars that is due to be implemented from April this year.
As the largest of the Balearic islands, Majorca has an average temperature of 21C, reaching 33C in summer.
A HOLIDAYMAKER has become the latest Briton to die after a hotel fall on Spain's Balearic Islands.
The news follows the launch of new flights to Mahon in Menorca for summer 2012 which completes the airline's Balearic Islands portfolio.
It sounds a little as though Fuerteventura is to the Canary Islands what Formentera is to the Balearic Islands.