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Washington and its allies are currently seeking to balkanize Syria by creating so-called "buffer zones" within the country, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci underscores, Sputnik reported.
Most of these grant programs are so tied to a federal need that cutting the program would just Balkanize necessary services.
Arab countries for the most part are uncomfortable with the idea of seeing a split in a fellow state amid growing suspicion that the West wants to balkanize countries in the region to weaken them.
Unless we intend to permanently economically balkanize the White Mountains, this project should be stopped dead in its tracks.
We also wanted to unearth any conspiracy to balkanize Pakistan and let the world know how a democratic leader heroically laid down her life.
Obviously, there might be some actors within Pakistan or within the region, but we want really to expose the whole conspiracy, because we think that this was a kind of a beginning of an attempt to Balkanize Pakistan," he said.
We believe the cloud must not balkanize and it must be accessible to everyone.
Vouchers drain money away from public schools, there is no solid evidence that they boost student achievement and they threaten to balkanize children along religious lines.
On gas prices, consumers should benefit from an overhaul of "boutique" gasolines -- the 15 or so different blends of gasoline mandated around the country, which Balkanize gas markets and drive up prices when bottlenecks occur.