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    (băl´lĭs`tẽr or băl`lĭs´tẽr)
n.1.A crossbow.
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Nimona wants to be supervillain Lord Ballister Blackheart's sidekick; she has one major useful ability--she can shapeshift almost instantly into any creature.
PulsePoint, a global digital technology company headquartered in New York City, today announced the appointment of Dan Ballister as president, effective as of September 10, 2012.
Justess Newton pinned McKenzie's Brodi Ballister in 1:09 at 113, Thompson did the same to Casey Mitchell in 1:16, and Cody Johnson also won by fall for Mohawk in 1:45 over McKenzie's Spencer Brown.
Ballister [housekeeper] should be relieved of the responsibility of the house, and Bobby was going to be the real mistress of the Hargrew home.
Today, even though I am very well known for writing about single-action revolvers and single-shot rifles, my records show I've owned 17 Model 1911s ranging from Ballister Molinas to Les Baer Thunder Ranch Specials.
Boston Wharf Company (founded by shipowners in 1836) still owns much of the land, as it did in 1890, when Boston's Players League (PL) franchise leased a few acres from president Charles Theodore Russell and his son, progressive-thinking treasurer Joseph Ballister Russell.
Her survivors include her husband, David; three sons, Scott, Mark, and Thomas; her mother, Merka Ballister; and a brother, Louis Ballister.
William Ballister spots an early contender for the best ride of 1999