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It's difficult to put a ballpark figure on the Bengali population here as of now, but they already boast of five cultural associations across Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi - trying to keep the spirit of 'Bangaliana' alive.
Omar Hassan, head of the social security division of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, said that the total number of self-insured workers is close to 2 million, however, there is no current ballpark figure of the total value of funding this number requires.
Your previous year's OR should give you a ballpark figure to pay for.
Estimates of the number of homeless people in Windsor vary but a few hundred seems to be the ballpark figure.
That's the same ballpark figure United have slapped on David De Gea, himself a long-term Madrid target, but Old Trafford bosses are not interested in a swap deal and want the Spanish goalkeeper to stay.
The USAF presented a ballpark figure of which was assigned for the projects execution.
The last ballpark figure we had for building the project was $1.
And though he declined to say how much his couture wedding dresses cost, one can give the ballpark figure upon seeing his client list.
But even with the silence by Mayweather and McGregor since they came to an official agreement, it isn't that difficult to estimate a ballpark figure for the two fighters.
Romie Tager, representing Moylett, said the value of the claim was "a ballpark figure of more than [euro]590,000, but could be double that".
In total, these procurements add up to a ballpark figure of $81.
The ballpark figure was no more than a PS4 million increase on the previous year, although there are certain caveats to allow you to adjust that.