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A pen having as its writing point a small ball bearing that transfers ink stored in a cartridge onto a writing surface.


(ˈbɔːlˌpɔɪnt) or

ballpoint pen


ball pen

a pen having a small ball bearing as a writing point. Also called (Brit): Biro



a pen in which the point is a fine ball bearing that rotates against a supply of semisolid ink in a cartridge. Also called ball′point pen′.
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Noun1.ballpoint - a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paperballpoint - a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper
pen - a writing implement with a point from which ink flows
قَلَم حِبْر جافقَلَمُ حِبْرِ جافّ
kuličkové perokuličkový
kemijska olovka
guľôčkové peroguľôčkový
bút bi


[ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt] ballpoint pen Nbolígrafo m, birome m or f (S. Cone)


ball-point, ballpoint pen, ball-point pen [ˈbɔːlpɔɪnt] n (= Biro) → stylo-bille m


(boːl) noun
1. anything roughly round in shape. a ball of wool.
2. a round object used in games. a tennis ball.
3. balls (plural) (slang) testicles.
ˌball-ˈbearings noun plural
in machinery etc, small steel balls that help the revolving of one part over another.
ˈballcock noun
a valve in a cistern.
ˈballpoint noun
a pen having a tiny ball as the writing point.
a ballpoint pen.
on the ball
quick, alert and up-to-date. The new manager is really on the ball.
start/set, keep the ball rolling
to start or keep something going, especially a conversation. He can be relied on to start the ball rolling at parties.


قَلَمُ حِبْرِ جافّ kuličkové pero kuglepen Kugelschreiber στυλό διαρκείας bolígrafo kuulakärkikynä stylo-bille kemijska olovka penna a sfera ボールペン 볼펜 balpen kulepenn długopis kulkowy caneta esferográfica шариковая ручка kulspetspenna ปากกาลูกลื่น Tükenmez kalem bút bi 圆珠笔
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The simple design and shape of the pen means it is extremely versatile and each pack comes with four colours with each pen able to write up to twice as long as usual ballpoint pens.
As the two play a complicated dance centered around ballpoint pens and risky schemes, readers will find the story offers well-rounded views of past, present, and other family members as well as outrageous exploits and unexpected fame: Presumably traveling on business and spreading goodwill, she and Milt had been piloted in the Flying
Today, it is possible to buy a whole fistful of ballpoint pens for a dollar, or less, and they not only work perfectly they do not leak.
THIS incredible artwork was created using 3p Tesco ballpoint pens - and it won artist Gary Lawrence a pounds 6000 prize.
SIR - Virtually everything in NHS, from aspirins to the most sophisticated drugs, from scalpel blades to body scanners, from ballpoint pens to ambulances was developed and supplied by the private sector.
And somehow more authoritative than the blue or black of the ballpoint pens we usually use.
Five exercise books (standard size 6x8inch) Five ballpoint pens Five pencils Two rulers (six inch) One sharpener One eraser Please also attach a pounds 1 coin to the pack which will help towards shipping costs.
but not downstairs On average, 100 people worldwide choke to death on ballpoint pens every year The heart of an astronaut actually gets smaller when in outer space A completely blind chameleon will still take on the colours of its environment
Beginning in June, the company will sell the iconic clear-barreled ballpoint pens, which were introduced to American consumers in 1959, in special anniversary packaging.
1943 Ballpoint pens, devised by Hungarian Laszlo Biro, were patented in the United States.
Argentina was the cradle of the ballpoint pen, America its nursery, and France its intensive care unit.
I've been a fan of the Post since before all the annoying inventions like ballpoint pens and cell phones etc.