ballroom dance

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ballroom dance

Any of various social dances, such as the fox trot, tango, or waltz, in which couples follow a conventional pattern of steps.

ballroom dancing n.

ball′room dance`

any of a variety of dances performed by couples, as the waltz and tango.
ball′room danc`ing, n.
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Noun1.ballroom dance - any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroomballroom dance - any of a variety of social dances performed by couples in a ballroom
social dancing - dancing as part of a social occasion
beguine - a ballroom dance that originated in the French West Indies; similar to the rumba
carioca - a lively ballroom dance that resembles the samba
cha-cha, cha-cha-cha - a modern ballroom dance from Latin America; small steps and swaying movements of the hips
one-step - an early ballroom dance; precursor to the fox-trot
foxtrot, fox-trot - a ballroom dance in quadruple time; combines short and long and fast and slow steps fixed sequences
two-step - a ballroom dance in duple meter; marked by sliding steps
bunny hug - a syncopated ballroom dance formerly popular in the US
Charleston - an American ballroom dance in syncopated rhythm; popular early in the 20th century
conga - a Latin American dance of 3 steps and a kick by people in single file
cotilion, cotillion - a lively dance originating in France in the 18th century
minuet - a stately court dance in the 17th century
paso doble - a ballroom dance in fast duple time
quickstep - a ballroom dance with both quick and slow steps
rhumba, rumba - a ballroom dance based on the Cuban folk dance
samba - a lively ballroom dance from Brazil
round dancing, round dance - a ballroom dance characterized by revolving movement
tango - a ballroom dance of Latin-American origin
valse, waltz - a ballroom dance in triple time with a strong accent on the first beat
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We'll have as guests professional ballroom dancers, and a soprano and tenor will sing.
for the younger set, includes entertainment by world class Latin ballroom dancers, dessert bar, mojito bar, and salsa dancing.
I can always remember as a young boy visiting Uncle Stan and Aunty Phyllis when, on numerous occasions, ballroom dancers would be staying.
Bedworth Civic Hall has had to add an extra dance date to its season to cope with demand from budding ballroom dancers.
Ricky, who comes from a long line of keen ballroom dancers, has been awarded medals for his skills and once even enjoyed a waltz with Lauren Bacall.
The cricketers should pack up their bats and balls and instead turn professional - ballroom dancers.
Currently ranked sixth among British amateur ballroom dancers, they were the highest ranked British couple in this year's Open British Championships Under- 21 category.
The United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association is working with Oregon youth mentoring organizations, including Committed Partners for Youth and AlphaShop Network Services/Access Dance in Eugene, to set up a scholarship fund.
50pm, The Best in the Ballroom showed top ballroom dancers entertaining at the London Lyceum.
Ballroom dancing is no longer just Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray dance studios,'' said Patricia Maier, president of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association.
They diminished themselves in the eyes of many thousands of North American viewers, not only ballroom dancers.