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The science of baths or bathing, especially the study of the therapeutic use of thermal baths.

[Latin balneum, bath; see bagnio + -logy.]


(Complementary Medicine) the branch of medical science concerned with the therapeutic value of baths, esp those taken with natural mineral waters
balneological adj
ˌbalneˈologist n


(ˌbæl niˈɒl ə dʒi)

the study of the therapeutic effects of baths and bathing.
[1880–85; < Latin balneum bath]


the study of the therapeutic uses of various types of bathing; hydrotherapy. — balneologist, n. — balneologic, balneological, adj.
See also: Bathing


A hydrotherapy treatment, this is the therapeutic use of natural spring waters or mineral waters.
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Among them, the Governor called the opening after the reconstruction of the balneological hospital in the city of Saratov.
The country has a great number of balneological and spa resorts, alpine skiing spots.
The availability in Ukraine of diversified unique natural mineral water (MW) resources does necessitate a detailed study of that water properties in order of its widespread use in the balneological and extra-resort practice, considering the MW as an important factor of population health preserving and improving [1].
Komarov argued that the objective of the reconstruction was to create in Sochi a world-class health resort through the exploitation of the balneological and climatological resources of the region: "The main aim of the planning and provision of public services and amenities in the Sochi--Matsesta region should be the establishment in this region of a health resort of world significance on the basis of the most appropriate and full use of the balneological and climatological resources of the region.
Vygodner EB, Gokhar LG, Serebryakov SN (1985) Influence of the balneological methods of the functional state and endocrine control of the gastro-duodenal area of people with duodenal ulcer.
One of the most thermally active places on earth, Beppu is home to more than 70 bathing establishments, including a balneological institute connected to Kyushu University and bubbling red "hell pools.
The Russian diplomat suggested that Bulgaria had great opportunities to develop alternative forms of tourism such as pilgrimage tourism, balneological tourism, wine tourism and eco-tourism.
Martin's fourth chapter examines the use of chymical, mineralogical, and balneological ideas, as well as experiences with gunpowder and engineering, in shaping new insights in learned meteorology.
After the application of balneological and rehabilitation procedures the patient's health has improved and the treatment can be assessed as successful," said Czech doctor Miroslav Sixta.
4th Turkish-Hungarian Balneological Meeting (proceedings).
I think you all will agree that being a unique traditional spa town Lanjaron is the perfect choice for ISMH Congress venue and Spain being a traditional scientific balneological country is the right place.
Thus, the agri-tourism potential of any area includes on one hand, the existence of territories with untouched, aesthetic, balneological or health potential, and on the other hand a multitude of historic-cultural sites and the uniqueness and diversity of local traditional customs.