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 (bə-lo͞och′) also Ba·loch (-lōch′)
n. pl. Baluch also Baloch

[Baluchi Balōč.]
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Adam Baluch, multi instrumentalist and a talented vocalist, performed in McGettigan's DWTC, Fibber Magee's, Loca and now Zero Gravity.
1530 GMT) when the militants attacked the house of Nahim Baluch, former governor of Helmand province along Dar-ul-Aman road in western Kabul.
Ghulam Asghar Channa, Vice Chancellor, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Larkana, Commissioner Sukkur, Mohammad Abbas Baluch, Deputy Commissioner, Khairpur, Munwar Ali Mithiani, distinguished guests, dignitaries, notable citizens and prominent Alumni of SALU from across the country will attended the annual dinner.
Among the prominent speakers were Canadian MP and Jura ChairmanRuss Hiebert , Italian Member of the European ParliamentElisabetta Gardini , Executive Director of Balochistan House,Tarek Fatah , and Baloch leader and activistMehran Baluch.
Mr Baluch said he could still not understand why his son would decide to take his own life.
According to media reports on Wednesday, the banned Baluch Liberation Front (BLF) has claimed responsibility for Tuesday's attacks.
The award was established to encourage young professionals such as Niranjan to take part in international logistics programs and activites that NAFL advocate," said Issa Baluch, NAFL president and author of Transport Logistics: The Wheel of Commerce, after the presenting the award at the NAFL headquarters in Dubai.
The Baluch, ethnically closer to the Persians of Iran, live in Char Burjak, Kung, Chakhansoor, and Zaranj districts, and most are farmers.
A prominent Baluch nationalist leader was arrested by paramilitary troops at a check post in Quetta city in southwestern Pakistan on Wednesday with a cache of arms and ammunition, a senior police official said.
Iran says the rebels of Jundollah, who say they are fighting for the rights of the ethnic Baluch people, find shelter across Iran's southeastern border with Pakistan.
Raisani, a wealthy Baluch tribal leader who belongs to the federal government's main ruling Pakistan People's Party (PPP), was being driven from his home to the provincial assembly.
Iran should do more to protect its ethnic minorities such as Arabs, Kurds and Baluch, a United Nations human rights body said on Friday.