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 (bə-lo͞och′) also Ba·loch (-lōch′)
n. pl. Baluch also Baloch

[Baluchi Balōč.]
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Siddiq Baluch used to tell his friends that he spent four years in prison for a four-month stint as the governor's PR person.
Islamabad -- President Traders Action Committee Islamabad Ajmal Baluch has expressed concern on deteriorating law and order situation in Islamabad's markets and asked for ensuring security to the traders.
The official said that the hunting party's vehicles were intercepted by the Baluch Levies, a paramilitary force of the province, at a check post in Nushki District near the porous Pakistan-Afghanistan border.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Nov 11 (ANI): Mumbai based Yoga teacher Mansoor Baluch came in support of Rafia Naaz, who has been receiving death threats, said Yoga must not be viewed through a religious angle.
IS has claimed several past attacks in Baluchistan, which has been the scene of a low-level insurgency by Baluch nationalists.
The actual target might have been the district governor's building nearby, but the militants were identified before they reached their target, Baluch said.
Through recent news reports we've learned that those rounded-up as part of the attacks are all members of the Kurdish and Baluch ethnic minorities.
Pakistani boxers participating in the event include Muhib Ullah 49kg, Syed Mohammad Asif 52kg, Salman Baluch 64kg, Gul Zaib 69kg, Tanvir Ahmed 75kg, Awais Ali Khan 81kg and Sanaullah 91kg.
Khushab witnessed the influential people of three major biradaries -Tiwana, Awan and Baluch - who were playing significant role in the politics of colonial as well as post colonial Khushab.
TIMERGARA -- Jamaat-i-Islami Central Secretary General Liaqat Baluch on Thursday said his party believed in democratic change and wanted to bring Islamic revolution in the country through votes.
Adam Baluch, multi instrumentalist and a talented vocalist, performed in McGettigan's DWTC, Fibber Magee's, Loca and now Zero Gravity.
1530 GMT) when the militants attacked the house of Nahim Baluch, former governor of Helmand province along Dar-ul-Aman road in western Kabul.