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 (bôl′zăk′, băl′-, bäl-zäk′), Honoré de 1799-1850.
French writer and a founder of the realist school of fiction who portrayed the panorama of French society in a body of works known collectively as La comédie humaine.

Bal·zac′i·an (-zăk′ē-ən) adj.
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Adj.1.Balzacian - of or relating to Honore de Balzac or his writingsBalzacian - of or relating to Honore de Balzac or his writings
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Then singes off the pink bristles, revealing a white nudity, the alabaster body of a Balzacian heroine: the author has discovered literature.
Till Benjamin, no theorist had thought to borrow the Balzacian and Dickensian technique of bringing an era to life through attention to its most minute cultural details.
Mallon generously concludes that the familiar Wolfean "trappings and tropes" that abound in Back to Blood "don't feel the least bit irritating; the effects are too good to retire, and their deployment serves to stitch Wolfe's oeuvre into the single, big Balzacian chronicle he's always had a mind to produce.
Scholars of English literature consider such topics as Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo and "The Sisters," Balzacian ghosts in "The Boarding House," a Flaubertian recipe for succes de scandale in Ulysses, St.
The affluent style of her boudoir suggests Balzacian Plassy or even the Bois de Boulogne rather than the Faubourg Montmartre.
Descartes' reference in Meditation VI to the doubts of the last few days as 'hyperbolic and ridiculous' is a Balzacian technical expression indicating that the doubts of Meditation I do not extend to the conduct of life and are thus not that serious after all.
On the other hand, dames Baker, the alpha corporate lawyer and fix-it-guy who served as secretary of state under Bush Senior, Lawrence Walsh, the austere special prosecutor in the Iran-Contra affair, or Patricia Duff, the Balzacian beauty who married and divorced her way to Page Six prominence during the Clinton years, are not people whose next career moves most of us are hotly anticipating.
Now, one of these favorite arrangements, the one perhaps that most powerfully excites the Balzacian imagination, consists of opposing a single character .
Certainly, the corollary aspiration for omnipotence that distinguishes the Balzacian character can be said to constitute the protagonist's third and final challenge when she refuses at the cost of her own life to acquiesce before a patriarchal and quite literally fascistic psychosocial order whose aggression against the world is propelled by a rage-filled unwillingness to forego precisely the fantasy of absolute satiation the protagonist defeated at the beginning of her trial by ordeal.
The first and most persistent barrier that is thrown in the path of Balzacian influence is deciding whether Melville had known French or not.
9 Kim Christensen's article "Painter Said to Be Focus of FBI Probe" (Los Angeles Times, August 29, 2006) This news story, about an alleged FBI probe into Thomas Kinkade's contractual arrangements with galleries, can be seen as an interesting parable of Balzacian proportions for an art market run amok.