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 (bə-nät′, bä′nät′)
A historical region of southeast-central Europe extending across western Romania, northeast Serbia, and southern Hungary. Formerly an ethnically mixed province of the Habsburg empire, it was partitioned with the breakup of Austria-Hungary in 1918.


(ˈbænɪt; ˈbɑːnɪt)
(Placename) a fertile plain extending through Hungary, Romania, and Serbia


(ˈbæn ɪt, ˈbɑ nɪt)

a fertile low-lying region in W Romania and NE Yugoslavia.
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Gabriel Banat nacio el 23 de septiembre de 1926 en Rumania, precisamente en la region de Transilvania donde se asienta la ciudad de Timisoara.
Banat El-Nas (The People's Girls) is an independent documentary that displays the lives of Egyptian women in a new way.
Banat praised Icad 2, saying it was the most attractive proposition for its new facility.
From his side, Banat disclosed that the memorandum pave the ways for merger of the two groups.
The Mortuary Archaeology of the Medieval Banat (10th-14th Centuries)
4% interest in Enel Distributie Muntenia SA and Enel Energie Muntenia SA, its 51% stake in Enel Distributie Banat SA, Enel Distributie Dobrogea SA and Enel Energie SA and the whole of Enel Romania Srl, which Enel owns via Enel Investment Holding BV.
Target: Enel Energie Muntenia SA, Enel Distributie Dobrogea SA, Enel Energie SA, Enel Distributie Muntenia SA, Enel Distributie Banat SA, Enel Romania Srl
According to PIC, the hunger strikers Akram Fessissi and Muammar Banat were transferred to Kaplan hospital, while Wahid Abu Maria was moved to Wollaston hospital.
SIF Banat Crisana is the only SIF which did not distribute dividends out of the 2012 net profit.
The bank has reached an agreement with SIF Banat Crisana, SIF Transilvania, SIF Muntenia and SIF Oltenia to buy 2.
Thus, since 1920, with the support of Zionist cultural committees of the National Federation of Jews from Transylvania, in villages in Banat Crisana, Maramures.