Band pulley

a pulley with a broad face for transmitting power between revolving shafts by means of a belt, or for guiding a belt.

See also: Pulley

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Tenders are invited for Splicing hot / Cold jointing of 1400mm Steel Cord belting and PN belting, lagging of band Pulley, tail Pulley and cold patch repairing work (anticipated) for conveyor no.
Hold for 20 secs X 3 for the back band pulley This can be done seated or standing with a band wrapped around a fixed point.
Radinsky, who still lives in Simi Valley with his wife and two daughters, continues to be the frontman for his punk band Pulley.
The Simi Valley High product will sing the national anthem as you've never quite heard it before with his punk band Pulley, then trot out from the bullpen in the bottom of the ninth with one-out, one-on and a one-run lead.